Nickmercs claims cheaters and hackers should go to jail. Do you agree?

Celebrity gamer and streamer Nickmercs proclaimed on Twitter today that all cheaters and hackers in video games should be sent to jail. The popular streamer, known for his Call of Duty, Apex and Fortnite gameplay, seems to have had enough.

"If you cheat & hack in video games, you should 100% be sent to jail," said Nickmercs in a recent Twitter post.

With an average of 10+ hours of streaming a day, it seems that the low integrity shown by competitors has driven Nickmercs to the edge.

Nickmercs is fed up with cheaters and hackers in video games

With any type of competition, it is common you will find people with very little integrity. This is no different in video games. As competitive esports continues to rise in popularity, organizations and competitions will have to find more advanced ways to detect cheating.

"I know the majority of y'all are busy touching grass and sh*t, that's lit, super happy for ya," said Nickmercs. "But your boy just spent 20 hours getting hacked on in online video games and I’ve had enough."

Nickmercs is one of the top streamers on Twitch, averaging 16,000 viewers over the last month. Being a leading force within the gaming community, the streamer's words do have some validation to them.

Let it be noted though, that in sports, cheaters are not sent to jail but instead either banned, fined or both. Whether or not jail time should be given to esports cheaters is heavily debatable.

Other streamers like Tfue and more respond to Nickmercs' tweet

Nickmerc's tweet sparked some commotion amongst the streaming community, as quite a few other large creators responded to his tweet. Surprisingly enough, the majority of them did agree with his statement.

"Some kids didn't get spanked enough in their childhood," exclaimed Tfue.

Tfue was not the only one. Gamers like iiTzTimmy also shared their thoughts on the tweet.

"I personally think we should have a gaming profile that you have to link to every game," said iiTzTimmy under Nickmercs' tweet. "One per user and you can't make another. If you cheat, then its on your gaming record and gg."

This would create an interesting ecosystem in the gaming community, preventing past cheaters from being able to compete in any type of esports tournament.

So, what do you think? How should cheaters and hackers be handled within gaming?

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