The NFL is joining the gaming space. Read below to learn more about the official NFL Tuesday Night Gaming series.

The National Football League (NFL) announced Wednesday, August 31 that they are partnering with Enthusiast Gaming Holdings to bring fans a brand new source of entertainment. Sports meets esports: the one-of-a-kind collaboration will bring content creators and NFL prospects together to compete.

The NFL meets gaming... The best of the best esports and sports athletes coincide

The new series announced titled "NFL Tuesday Night Gaming" will put the top prospects within the National Football League and the top gaming content creators together in the ultimate competition. Alongside the NFL, organizations such as Luminosity Gaming will provide some of their top competitors.

The show begins on September 13 at 6:30 PM ET. Watch it live on Youtube on the official NFL Tuesday Night Gaming channel. This will go on during the regular 2022-2023 NFL season.

There will be a rotation between 12 NFL players and six gaming competitors. The competition will occur across three game titles each week. This will allow for different sets of skills to be showcased.

There will be a ranking of teams at the end of each show. The top four teams will face off in a single-elimination playoff later on. The final team standing will be the official champion of the inaugural NFL Tuesday Night Gaming season.

“The NFL is excited to collaborate with Enthusiast Gaming on this first-of-its-kind content series for the League,” said Joe Ruggiero, SVP of Consumer Products at the NFL. “NFL Tuesday Night Gaming will be a unique addition to our weekly schedule that embraces the broader gaming community through an entertaining mix of NFL stars and video gaming culture.”

Fans can also get involved in the action!

The first season will conclude at the same time as Super-Bowl week. Fans can then choose their favorite NFL players and gamers to compete in a special edition gaming night.

The winning team will receive a cash prize. They will then have the opportunity to donate it to a charity of their choice.

The competition is not just for adults. Additionally, an "NFL Family Game Night" is going to be held during a three-week break. Families and younger fans can compete together across multiple different games.

No one has brought together the gaming community with any sports league for a program of this scale before,” said Bill Karamouzis, President of Enthusiast Gaming. “NFL Tuesday Night Gaming is a new and exciting content platform for brands and agencies to connect with younger audiences through bespoke custom content and talent integrations, including owned moments, featured segments, social activations, and more."

"We are honored to have been chosen by the NFL to collaborate on this unique and important initiative that will help expand the NFL’s reach to gaming audiences.”

As this new series gets ready to commence, it is exciting to see more organizations team up with esports.