Tired of Getting Lost in New World? Two Players build their own Minimap cover image

Tired of Getting Lost in New World? Two Players build their own Minimap


Want to stop getting lost in New World? You can use this marvelous Minimap in the game that also shows nearby resources and zooms in when you are in towns.

Tired of getting lost in Aeternum, two players have built their own mini-map to guide them through the island.

One of the reasons for New World’s success is the level of detail in the world design. From houses to trees, the developers have put a lot of effort into the game design. But it also means, sometimes, you can get lost on the server with no idea of your whereabouts. A minimap would have helped. And Reddit user Morbid, along with a friend has done just that; create a fully functional minimap in New World.

Presently players can open the map, zoom in to check their location. But the interface is not the most comfortable one as players have to wade through notifications and remember their exact location. Players have to repeat the process multiple times to make sure they are not going the wrong way. It’s tiresome and frankly, quite unnecessary since it can all be solved with a minimap. The community-created minimap solves a major problem as it is zoomed in on the player’s location and changes direction based on the player’s character’s POV.

How to Use Minimap in New World?

The minimap is visible near the bottom right of the screen. Video Credit: Morbid on <a href="https://www.reddit.com/r/newworldgame/comments/q82141/im_always_losing_track_of_where_things_are_in/?sort=top" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Reddit</a>.

There are a few minimaps available in the community forums. Players can use these minimap add-ons to improve their ease of playing the game. Amazon Games has not announced its official stance on players using add-ons in New World. So there is always an element of risk while using these add-ons in New World. 

Players can download Morbid’s minimap from Overwolf. The minimap also tracks locations of orbs, chests, essences and more. It is a useful tool that reduces the amount of effort one needs to make to just traverse Aeternum.

New World has been a massive hit with the community and crossed 900,000 concurrent players earlier this month. Amazon Games is also working on tackling farming bots and removing AFK players to reduce the strain on New World servers. 

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