Team Liquid come out with their second Naruto themed collection titled, “The Akatsuki” based off of the popular shonen’s antagonists.

Team Liquid announced their second Naruto Shippuden capsule drop titled, “The Akatsuki”. The new apparel collection pays homage to the primary antagonists of the Naruto Shippuden series.

The first Team Liquid x Naruto Shippuden capsule drop, centered around the heroes of the Konoha Hidden Leaf Village, was a massive success and nearly sold out within 10 minutes. Now, the blue and white esports organization is drawing its attention to the dark side with their new Akatsuki themed apparel collection.

King Vader returns for Akatsuki themed capsule drop

King Vader returns to the Liquid x Naruto family, now as the leader of the Akatsuki themed video release. The video features the popular content creator holding the popular Leaf Village headband with the Team Liquid logo in place of the Leaf Village symbol. King Vader then transforms into an Akatsuki member as the video turns into a more dark-ominous setting, similar to the Akatsuki clan. 

King Vader wearing the Team Liquid Akatsuki Tsukuyomi Itachi packable Tech Jacket.

He’s joined by other top-tier influencers and content creators like Sonii, Taya Miller, Atikhun, Hungrybox, Ovilee May and others as they stand in front of a red backdrop and ominous music in the background.

 For our sophomore Liquid x Naruto drop, we were attracted to the energy of Akatsuki, these iconic antagonists who shaped the series’ narrative. Our pieces meld the roguish, independent spirit of Akatsuki with Team Liquid’s competitive drive, resulting in a more natural collaboration than the visual contrast of red clouds and blue horses might suggest. We’re very proud of this collection, and we know that fans across esports, anime and gaming will love it too.” Travis Anderson, Global VP of Apparel and Commerce at Team Liquid.

Team Liquid Naruto collection line, “The Akatsuki is set to be a popular buy for anime fans.

Team Liquid x Naruto Akatsuki apparel collection

The limited edition drop features 20 pieces of high-quality streetwear accessories decorated with the villainous Akatsuki theme. From a first glance, popular standouts are the Tsukoyomi Itachi packable tech jacket, Akatsuki Cloud chenille pullover hoodie and the Akatsuki crewneck.

A catalog of the entire Akatsuki themed apparel collection:

team liquid naruto
Team Liquid Akatsuki 6 paths of pain short sleeve hoodie.
Team Liquid Akatsuki Charcoal Crew Neck.
Team Liquid Akatsuki Chenille Cloud Pullover Hoodie.
Team Liqud Naruto Akatsuki Six Paths Tee shirt.
Team Liquid Naruto Akatsuki Tsukoyomi Itachi jacket.
team liquid naruto
Team Liquid Naruto Akatsuki Tsukoyomi Itachi jacket back.
team liquid naruto
Team Liquid Naruto Akatsuki Zetsu Long Sleeve tee front.
team liquid naruto
Team Liquid Naruto Akatsuki Zetsu Long Sleeve tee back.

Team Liquid branching out into streetwear

The sophomore Team Liquid Naruto drop is another addition to the esports organizations growing efforts to develop themselves as an esports clothing line. It is also not the first clothing line collaboration with a popular non-endemic brand. 

Team Liquid has also collaborated with the likes of Marvel featuring apparel reminiscent of the superhero brand’s most popular characters featuring the Team Liquid logo.

Alongside esports organization 100 Thieves, they both stand as leaders in this specific niche as the esports industry continues to evolve.

The entire Liquid x Naruto Akatsuki collection will be available in the United States, Canada and Europe starting Friday, October 29 at 12pm PT / 9pm CEST.

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