This Strinova map will be familiar to Overwatch 2 fans.

For those unaware, Strinova is a tactical shooter, much like VALORANT, with an art style that looks like an anime dropped into a video game, with some other big inspirations from Paper Mario and even Overwatch 2. It's a lot. But, with all of this crossover and clear inspiration, one of the game's maps may have gone a bit too far, and Overwatch 2 fans should immediately see what I mean.

Strinova map looks exactly like a classic Overwatch 2 map

One of Overwatch 2's most fabled maps is Watchpoint: Gibraltar, an Escort map leading players through an Overwatch base filled with sharp turns, a hanger with a ship parked inside, and some great areas for team fights. It appears that Strinova developers liked this map too, as they have included a map in the game with an uncanny resemblance.

To give you a sense of just how similar these are, here are some screenshots we've taken ourselves. They compare the Overwatch 2 map to what you are seeing in the clip above.

Watchpoint Gibraltar screenshot (Image via
Map screenshot (Image via
Screenshot of the Overwatch 2 map (Image via
Screenshot of Watchpoint Gibraltar (Image via
Watchpoint Gibraltar (Image via
Another screenshot (Image via

This game's mechanics and playstyle look like a lot of fun to play, without a doubt. But this map shown in the post above, mixed with the gameplay, looks like an amalgamation of Overwatch 2, VALORANT, and Genshin Impact. A sentence I truly never thought I would type.

If you want to learn more about Strinova, which is a game that has been out since 2023 in China under the name Calabiyau, we have a guide that walks through all elements of its gameplay, mechanics, classes and more. Otherwise, as more news continues to surface about the game, we will continue providing coverage here.

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