New job postings give hints at Bungie’s unannounced project cover image

New job postings give hints at Bungie’s unannounced project

Bungie has a mysterious new game in the works. But what is it and what do we know about it? Some job listings have given further insight.

Bungie is most well-known for Destiny but the video game company has a mysterious new project in the works.

Bungie has recently put up an abundance of job listings for an "unannounced project." The listings are quite vague when it comes to details about the game, although there are a few hints within the duties. For example, the Gameplay Designer - AI job description mentions AI characters with behavior trees along with weapons, attacks, and abilities.

Bungie was very careful not to give away any information about the project, so it's unclear what type of game it will even be.

Previous job listings give hints at new Bungie game

In the past, gamers noticed similar job listings for an unannounced project, but a few more hints were given that have since been erased in newer listings. The older posts kept mentioning "Goliath," but this name was removed soon after. It's unclear if Goliath is a code name for the new game.

Image via TheGamePost
Image via TheGamePost

Other previous job listings gave further hints at what Goliath may be like. In the past, job listings have mentioned "competitive multiplayer game mechanics" and "ongoing live updates." This points at a team-based game that will have leveling up in some manner. It even mentioned an "esports landscape."

This made people think of Destiny 2, but it's still possible that Bungie is working on an entirely new franchise. Unfortunately, the new postings are not giving any new hints at what this game may be, but the abundance of listings does prove that Bungie is putting a lot of energy and resources into the mysterious project.