Once is happenstance, twice is a pattern. A new Heroes of the Storm balance update hit the PTR, with actual HOTS patch changes that matter!

Once is happenstance, twice is a pattern. For the second time in as many months the 'dead game' Heroes of the Storm is getting an update. And while this PTR update pushed today won't look like much to an outside observer, it's actually quite large. Included in this HOTS balance update are numerous bug fixes that verge on making many heroes better, as well as an honest-to-glob change for Samuro. This HOTS patch has it all, folks! I mean, except new content.

Is it a sign? Is it all coming together like Kronk told me it would? Did Phil Spencer get my fax? All of those questions and more after the headline.

HOTS balance update hits PTR - Patch notes

We're going to cover the broad strokes of this HOTS balance update. Head over here for the full HOTS patch notes.

General - HOTS patch update

Observer UI

  • D.Va's Mech health bar is now displayed in the observer interface's top bar.
  • Misha's health bar is now displayed in the observer interface's top bar.
  • The Lost Vikings health bars are now displayed in the observer interface's top bar.
  • XP Globes are now displayed as Blue for the left team and Gray for the right team.

Like we said, not the sexiest of updates, but vital nonetheless. One of the more difficult things about juggling multiple health bars in HOTS is not being able to see them unless you click on the unit. In the case of Misha as a controllable pet this is huge. Good change!

Balance Update


  • Adjusted difficulty levels for a number of Heroes.


  • Samuro
    • Increased Windwalk healing from 1% per second to 3% per second.
    • Decreased Way of the Wind healing from 5% on cast to 4% on cast.

You read that right, an actual HOTS hero balance update. We're in flavor country, folks. In the case of Samuro, this is a change that makes a hard hero a little bit better. Novices won't notice much but those with gold rings around their orc samurai are thrilled right now.

Bug Fixes


  • Butcher
    • Cleaver AOE no longer reveals targets hit.
    • Fixed an issue that caused Butcher to lose more than intended stacks of Fresh Meat when killed.
    • Furnace Blast now reveals targets hit.
    • No longer revealed when Lamb of the Slaughter damages an enemy.

You know, not losing more Fresh Meat than you should is a good fix!

  • Dehaka
    • Burrow no longer prevents allied abilities from affecting Dehaka.
      • will now cleanse negative effects.
    • Lurker Strain no longer reveals area around knocked back targets.
      • now reveals targets hit.
      • Lurker Strain's Knockback will no longer function as a Stun.

The cleanse on Dehaka's prime ability is huge, so consider this a massive buff to the stealth bruiser.

  • Murky
    • Fixed an issue that caused Big Tuna Kahuna to be multiplicative with other health bonuses.
    • Octograb now reveals the target instead of the area around the target.
    • Pufferfish now reveals targets hit.
    • Slime now reveals targets hit.
    • While revealed, Murky will no longer reveal the area around him when his Egg is slain.

Murky updates in 2023, what a world. The reveal changes are major, as is the Egg bug fix.

This is only a smattering of the bug fixes in this PTR update. Seriously, just go look at the full list, find your hero of choice, and see how your life will improve. C'mon people, we can get Heroes of the Storm back. Log in, get your loot crates, and show Microsoft that there's dozens of us!

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