Video game graphics are developing at alarming rates, but did you ever think they would become THIS realistic?

It is always a spectacle seeing new games released with graphics that make you question whether it is real or not. Technology is advancing every day, and so is our video game graphics. One new game, UNRECORD, is challenging everything we knew about video games by creating one of the most realistic first-person shooters to date.

Set to release in 2024, UNRECORD has caught the eyes of many. Though, some are saying it is TOO realistic for their comfort, drawing a bit of controversy.

UNRECORD, the new body cam FPS game, showcases a world that seems almost a little TOO realistic for some

Developed by DRAMA, UNRECORD is a first-person shooter game where you play as a detective trying to solve various crimes. The viewpoint of the game acts as a body cam on the officer. This is a large addition to that sense of realism.

The game promises a storyline that will leave the players to experience innovative gameplay mechanics, thrills and twists, a unique shooting system and even put them through moral dilemmas.

But has our advancements in video game graphics gone too far?

UNRECORD sets a new precedent for video games, possibly being the most realistic-looking game ever made. In fact, the game is literally being described as a "New Ultra Photorealistic Body Cam Game".

The game features graphics that mimic what the human eye regularly sees in the real world, creating a bit of controversy among players.

Trainwreck and more creators speak about UNRECORD's realism and the issues it may face

A game like UNRECORD is a huge step for gamers. Although. some are a little worried if we are going about using graphics these realistic in the right way.

"I’m going to get a lot of hate for this, but this level of realism in video games should be heavily moderated in shooters for anyone under a certain age," said Trainwreck, the popular streamer, on Twitter. "I hope parents do their job."

Trainwreck then explains how a game this realistic could just fuel the hate some politicians have toward the gaming industry.

With the ability and power to create something this realistic, there comes a responsibility for assuring players that the line between the real world and video games should never be crossed.

UNRECORD will be a new step for the gaming industry. Whether that step will be in the right direction or the wrong one is yet to be seen. Either way, it is no lie that the developers of this new first-person shooter went above and beyond to give players a crazy experience.

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