North Carolina State has just received $16 million dollars from the state to build the US’s largest college esports arena.

Esports' popularity has been overtaking the world for the past few years now, and there are no signs of that stopping.With this rise in popularity comes the need for more competitive spaces. NC State (North Carolina) has already shown its interest in expanding competitive college esports with its 24/7 Twitch channel ESPORTSU.

Now NC State have unveiled an even bigger goal of building the biggest collegiate esports facility in the nation, after receiving a $16 million grant from the state government. The facility will be used to offer opportunities to NC State students to get hands on learning experiences in areas such as event planning and hospitality management.

How the $16 million will be used

The direct payment of $16 million will not go strictly towards the esports arena. In fact, only $12 million will be put into the arena. This is still an incredible amount of money. Though, where exactly is that extra $4 million going to? Marc Hoit, leader of the esports initiative at NC State weighed in.

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Miami University esports arena

“We’ve been given $12 million to build a facility that can handle esports activities” Hoit explained. “Then another $4 million to build what they call the ‘mobile arena,’ which is essentially a truck that can go out to anywhere in the state and bring a competition or activities like that on a short term basis.”

NC State giving players a mobile arena is astounding. Due to various technologies that weigh down players, travel can be difficult when in regards to esports tournaments. Players need to be assured that where they are going will meet their gaming requirements.

All of that being said, having a mobile gaming center, which will bring the competition to the players if travel is not available to them, will be remarkable service provided by NC State.

As for the $12 million arena, NC State's Hoit said to TechnicanOnline that they are still searching for suitable locations and expect a ribbon cutting no sooner than 2024.

The Future

The future of esports is exceptionally bright with large complexes such as this one being made. Having a space where students can compete at a high level will only allow for greater opportunities.

With the right leadership and enthusiastic investors, we will be seeing a lot more of these arenas pop up throughout the world.