Naowh saw his toon get its name changed just hours after becoming the first player to reach 80 in WotLK Classic.

Yesterday we reported on Naowh, the World of Warcraft pro who reached the maximum level in Wrath of the Lich King Classic in just nine hours. Well, around nine more hours after that Robin “Naowh” Köster Gabay was hit with a forced name change on the character that achieved that feat.

Naowh posted a screenshot on his Twitter in the small hours of the morning. The image showed the Blood Elf Paladin, formerly known as Naowhpoop, shown with an error message reading “Your name has been flagged for rename.”

Is poop that offensive?

While “poop” may fall under some categories of expletive for some, it's still a wild thing for a name like Naowhpoop to be flagged. It’s highly likely that Naowh’s achievement contributed to the flagging, with the name of his character suddenly thrown into high profile.

Naowh, on the other hand, had another theory. In his tweet, he called out “Classic Andys,” who allegedly reported his character name. It’s a good theory, although almost impossible to verify. 

A ‘Classic Andy’ is a nickname given to World of Warcraft Classic super fans who defend the game to a fault against perceived threats and slights. For them, WoW Classic as a game is placed on a pedestal, and can do no wrong. By extension, any who play the game ‘wrong’ and don’t fully embrace all the elements of classic, are ‘ruining the experience.’ Not just for themselves, but for everyone.

By not starting at level one, and instead boosting to 70, before grinding to 80, Naowh has tarnished the game somehow, in the eyes of the Classic Andy. Although, this is all speculation. After all, it could have just been a real admin or auto moderation that flagged Naowh.

For now, Naowhpoop is dead. Long live their successor, Naowhpoopy!

(Image via Naowh)
(Image via Naowh)

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