MsDossary on FIFA World Cup, rivalries, 2v2, his future and more cover image

MsDossary on FIFA World Cup, rivalries, 2v2, his future and more

Often tagged ‘the most consistent player in the world’. Hear what Dossary has to say about the game and his goals.

In FIFA esports, it is impossible to mention a list of accomplished players without the name Mosaad "Msdossary" Aldossary. Since making his competitive debut six years ago, the 22-year-old Saudi player has won a World cup, several FUT championships, regional league as well as regional playoffs. He also became the first FIFA player to ever make it to two consecutive World cup finals in 2019.

Following the release of his Unfold episode with Redbull, Dossary talked to about his World Cup hopes, rivalries, the game and his future.

Rashidat 'Rjay' Jimoh: Due to the pandemic, FIFA players including you had to adjust to competing online. Did this process affect you competitively and how did you adjust to it?

Msdossary: "I think motivation wise, we use to play in a big place from everyone around the world so its very hard time, we played last year as if there as if we would play a world cup. So there was still a motivation that I would play in a world cup and want to win in a world cup but unfortunately, it didn't happen. It's not the really not the best way to compete at a high level just from home"

Q: We've not had the FIFAe World cup for over three years now, what are your expectations if it holds?

Msdossary: "The expectation for me when I go into a world cup or any big event is that I have to win the whole thing. I’m not happy with what I've done, that's a reputation I built and that's what I want always just to win."

Msdossary lifting the World Cup trophy in 2018. Image via FIFA.
Msdossary lifting the World Cup trophy in 2018. Image via FIFA.

Rivalry and regions: "There is only one king in the jungle which is me "

Q: Fans often like to talk about you and Fnatic’s Tekkz because, over the years, both of you have achieved great success. How do you view Tekkz as a player and his playing style?

Msdossary: "I think Tekkz is the best opponent I played and the best opponent through the years. He is definitely a great player and we’ve played against each other a lot. It's always fun and between both parties, we even enjoy playing against each other because that's the top of the competitive side.

Since there’s been no LAN for 3 years I would say the rivalry has become less and less. Both of us now are fine and we respect each other."

Q: How did the nickname 'King of the jungle' come about

Msdossary: "I think it was with how competitive and how exciting FIFA was and with me and Tekkz around it. I was watching UFC and I’m a fan of Khabib, at one moment he goes 'there is only one king in the jungle'.

And it just stuck in my mind, that there is only one king in the jungle which is me in the FIFA Scene. So after I won against Tekkz, I just retweeted that line."

Q: A lot of people are of the opinion that Europe is the best region when it comes to competitive FIFA, do you share this view?

Msdossary: "I think Europe is definitely one of the biggest FIFA regions with the biggest pro players. Things are advanced there with a lot of organizations and development.

If we’re gonna say the most pros, yes they have, but give me top five in the world, I’ll say probably there is one from South Africa, South America or two, one from our region and two from Europe. The high level is everywhere but the amount of pros and pros level is in Europe more.'

Thoughts on 2v2 and the state of the game

Msdossary: You've qualified for the FIFAe Nations Series Playoffs with your teammate and will represent Saudi Arabia. What are your thoughts on the 2 v 2 format that will be used in the competition?

Msdossary: "I think it's great to mix up, we can enjoy it and play something different. For me, it's great to mash up the 2v2 and 1v1 and mix them together in tournaments. However, I think every good player would like to 1v1 because we know we can do the whole thing. For me, I enjoy having 2 v2, a lot of communication with my teammates, and lots of stuff to work on.

What would you say went wrong for your team during the Team of the Season Cup event and how did you view the defence system being used by opponents? 

Msdossary: "I think in the 2v2 Team of the Season Cup cup we realized that any team can win against anyone even if anyone thinks they are the best, surely they are not. There is not much skill gap there. Obviously, I was one of the favourites to go in and win the whole thing and I still think if we had a bit of luck we could have. But in the 2 v 2 format, the skill gap is lower and everything is equal so sometimes just being lucky or unlucky matters too much in the 2v2 format. [Regardless], it was a great tournament, happy to be back at LAN. And hopefully next time we can score a better result.

Dossary and his teammate DrNight Watch at the 2022 TOTS cup. Image via EA Sports FIFA.
Dossary and his teammate DrNight Watch at the 2022 TOTS cup. Image via EA Sports FIFA.

Q: Would you say that you are enjoying the FIFA 22 because some players have complained about the lack of consistency the game offers professional players?

Msdossary: "Well, to be honest, it could have been a better game, a better game with a lot of skill gap. However, it's my job to play the game and be better and better and try to upgrade my own playstyle.

That is why I just don’t agree with if the game is not good, or I should just tweet so or stop playing. My job is to win and be the best in the world and with that, I have to play as much as possible."

Q: What are your hopes for FIFA 23 and the competitive scene?

Msdossary: "I think to be honest they should increase the skill gap. It's very easy to say but it's hard to do because there is more stuff they want to add. But I’m just hoping for that and at least within the next few patches before the World cup to make defence not overpowered.

I just hope, it's not like an excuse but whatever, I just need to wait for it. I’m already in a good shape and even with things in the game, I can do it."

Msdossary's FIFA preferences

Q: What has been your favourite edition of FIFA over the years when playing competitively and why?

Msdossary: "The best FIFA I’ve played was FIFA 17 and 18. If I’ll go with my achievement, I’ll say 18 but if I enjoy it then FIFA 17"

Q: Speaking of FIFA 22, what would you say is the best formation players should use in general?

Msdossary: "The best formation for me in FIFA 22 is 4-4-2, however, 4-1-2-1-2 is good then 3-5-2 is recently good. So I think with these three formations people can enjoy playing games."

Q: What is your best card of FIFA 22 so far and why?

Msdossary: My best card on FIFA 22 is Mbappe Team of the Year because he’s just incredibly fast and can finish, he’s just too good."

Future plans

Q: In your Redbull Unfold episode, you mentioned that you plan to leave FIFA to focus more on developing talent and helping players for Team Falcons, are these plans immediate or still in the distant future?

Msdossary: It depends, it's not like I’m going to leave FIFA within this year or the year after. I don’t have anything planned yet. But the one thing I’m sure about 1000% is that I have the abilities and I’m still the best player in the world wherever I play against anyone.

I think at this time I’m still focusing with Falcons on everything regarding development. I’ve been playing for six years at the highest level of esports and I’ve been to a lot of competitions and through a lot of stress so I know how to manage things and make things better."

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