A new Marvel Snap Twitch Rivals event took place yesterday with 32 streamers and $20,000 in prizes. Here’s what happened.

Celebrating the PC Client launch, Marvel Snap had a Twitch Rivals tournament to showcase the new update. The $20,000 event had 32 invited streamers, including Kripp and Dekkster, the defending champions.

Let's go over what happened in this tournament, the special deckbuilding rules and what the winning team played.

Marvel Snap Twitch Rivals format

Twitch Rivals invited some of the best CCG players and prominent Marvel Snap content creators. The tournament was divided into two stages. First, the 16 teams were sorted out into groups of 4, in an initial Round Robin stage in which teams would play each other. The matches consisted of two 1v1 Battle Mode games, with team captains facing each other in one, and their teammates dueling in the second one.

Twitch Rivals Marvel Snap players had to face additional challenges since the event had special deck-building restrictions. The teams had only 10 minutes to create their decks after learning the restrictions. Being creative and adaptable could be worth a victory even before playing.

These were the conditions under which players had to build their decks for each Round Robin round:

Upon the conclusion of the Round Robin:

  • The 1st Place team in each Round Robin Group will advance to the Championship Bracket
  • The 2nd Place team in each Round Robin Group will advance to Consolation Bracket A
  • The 3rd Place team in each Round Robin Group will advance to Consolation Bracket B
  • The 4th Place team in each Round Robin Group will advance to Consolation Bracket C

All the second-round brackets had prizes involved, so there were no low-stakes matches in the whole Marvel Snap Twitch Rivals event. You can check out the prize pool breakdown on the event main page.

Below you can find all the competitors and their Twitch tags.

image 1image 2image 3image 4

Event Results

The event was packed and with so many players competing it was hard to track the action and results. The Round Robin stage ended with two undefeated teams, Alexandercoccia-un33d with 2 wins and 1 tie, and Moyen-Sologesang with a perfect score.

image 1image 2image 3image 4

For this final round, teams would battle in a single elimination bracket and could bring whatever deck they wanted. As if this was scripted, the two undefeated teams reached the Marvel Snap Twitch Rival finals.

After two initial games ending in one win per team, the finals went to a third game. Moyen was faithful to his Patriot deck and after a spectacular battle, Moyen defeated Alexandercoccia by 10-0 in the last match of the finals.

If you want to review the first stage of the event you can visit the Twitch Rivals page and you can also check out the Marvel Snap Twitch Rivals VoD here. If you want to center on any specific player's point of view, all of them streamed the event, so check out their channels.

That's all for now, but stay tuned to esports.gg for more esports news and content. See you next time in the Multiverse.

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