Valorant, CS: GO, Arena of Valor and PUBG Mobile round out the top five.

The final month of 2021 saw several world championships in mobile and PC games. Esports fans witnessed the first-ever championship level tournament in Valorant. Games such as PUBG Mobile, Arena of Valor, MLBB and CS: GO also featured top-tier tournaments. Here’s a rundown of the most popular esports tournaments in December as per EScharts. 

With a massive 3.191 million peak viewers, the M3 World Championships had no comparison when it came to popularity. It topped the list of the most popular esports tournaments in December 2021.
The M3 World Championships saw a peak viewership of nearly 3.2 million. Image Credit: ESCharts
  • M3 World Championships – 3,191,404.
  • Valorant Champions 2021 – 1,089, 068.
  • Arena of Valor International Championships 2021 – 879,481.
  • BLAST Premier World Final 2021- 727, 376.
  • PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021 League East – 386, 959 .

According to data published by, the M3 World Championships was the most popular tournament of the month. With a peak viewership of nearly 3.2million viewers, the Mobile Legends tournament was the most popular. 

The M3 World Championships was the final event of the 2021 season and featured the best teams from around the world. Philippines’ Blacklist International won the event after a clean sweep of ONIC Philippines in the Grand Finals.

The tournament saw massive viewership, 3,191,404 to be exact. Most of the viewers were from Indonesia and the Philippines. The peak viewership figure came during an upper bracket match between ONIC Philippines and Indonesian RRQ Hoshi. And with an all-Philippines Grand Finals, it was no surprise to see the high viewership numbers. It was miles ahead of the next tournament on the list, which was Valorant’s Championship.

Massive success for Riot’s first Valorant Championship

Riot’s first-ever year of Valorant esports was a massive success. The FPS game has seen several big organizations invest money and form competitive teams. While teams such as Gambit, Vision Strikers, Sentinels, even CLoud9 came in as favorites, it was Acend that took away the title. 

The Valorant Championships Berlin had a peak viewership of 1,089,068 during the Grand Finals. Acend took down Gambit in the finals to win the title of the first Valorant Champion.

CS: GO’s BLAST Premier World Finals came in at 4th place, behind Arena of Valor World Championship. The BLAST tournament had 727376 viewers during the Navi vs Gambit match in the Grand Finals. Navi won the tournament to cap off a fantastic year of victories for S1mple and co. They had previously won the PGL Stockholm CS: GO Major as well. 

Surprisingly, the PMGC 2021 online league for Asian teams makes it to 5th place. This is even above the PUBG Global Finals which had a lower viewership (at 189k viewers) compared to the Asian league.

Statistics for English Speaking Audience see Halo in Top 5

Valorant Championships 2021 was the most popular esports tournaments amongst English speaking audience in December 2021.
HCS Kickoff Major Raleigh 2021 saw 267,246 peak viewership. Image Credit: ESCharts

The statistics above include total viewership from different countries. But if we take a look at the viewership of English-speaking audiences, the list looks quite different. 

Valorant topped the list here followed by Halo, CS: GO and Rocket League for PC games. M3 World Championship also had a high English-speaking viewership, but it was only 183,716 peak viewers compared to the nearly 3.2 million peak viewership for the tournament.

Russian Audience preferred CS: GO & Dota 2

The Russian audience loved their CS: GO and Dota 2. BLAST Premier World Finals topped the list, but was followed by three Dota 2 Leagues.
Three of the top-five preferred tournaments for Russian-speaking viewers were Dota 2. Image Credit: ESCharts

The Russian-speaking audience saw CS: GO and Dota 2 dominate the list. At the very top was the BLAST Premier World finals, followed by three Dota 2 league events. Team Spirit won TI10 after a miracle run through the lower bracket to secure the largest prize pool event in esports history. 

These were the most popular esports tournaments in December 2021. As we head into 2022, esports fans can expect new announcements and a higher number of live events for fans. 

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