Method wants to bring 16 hours of entertainment to viewers every day of the WoW Race for World First.

World of Warcraft guild and esports organization Method has revealed their plans for the upcoming Race for World First (RWF) ahead of WoW’s next raid. Method intends to once again be the premier source of coverage during the release of Shadowland’s next and final raid, The Sepulchre of the First Ones.

Throughout the history of the RWF, Method has been a top raiding guild, claiming many World First titles. Since the release of WoW: Cataclysm, the Method has competed at the highest levels, and for several years has provided top-tier coverage of the race.

This edition will be no different, with Method promising over 16 hours a day of coverage of the race, charity fund racing, giveaways, and plenty of content to cover any downtime.

Method’s massive community RWF event

This year, Method’s RWF broadcast is set to feature amazing talent. This will range from familiar Method content creators, to popular WoW Twitch streamers, and some brand-new community sourced talent. Details haven’t been released, but expect big names and some well-loved content creators.

Beyond just the on-screen talent, Method has announced a series of giveaways. This will take the form of Method’s Wheel of Treasure and ‘Choose your Treasure’ segment. Just in case top-level raiding wasn’t enough to keep you watching.

What’s more, Method will again commit to charity during this RWF. Having raised over $100,000 for charity at previous RWF events Method is once again attempting to raise funds for a great cause. This time, the team is partnering with Safe in Our World, a mental health charity that aims to foster positive mental health wellbeing and offer support gamers and in the games industry.

Finally, Method has rather ominously promised that viewers won’t be bored even during dinner breaks. We can only assume some very interesting content is being prepared!

Will Method win the RWF?

But beyond the incredible broadcast, Method isn’t in this just for the entertainment factor. The guild is looking to return to the fantastic form they’d once had. In Battle for Azeroth and Legion, Method recorded several World First boss kills.

In those expansions, Method was undisputedly one of the best in the world. But after internal turmoil damaged Method’s raiding core, Shadowlands saw the rise of Complexity Limit and European rivals Echo. Limit claimed victory in Castle Nathria, while Echo were victorious in the Sanctum of Domination

With no victories to their name in Shadowlands, this is Method’s last chance to claim a victory in this expansion. You can catch Method's RWF coverage on their official Twitch channel. The Sepulcher of the First Ones raid releases on March 8th, and coverage will begin shortly before the release.