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Activate your trap card when the Marvel Snap PVP mode comes late January cover image

Activate your trap card when the Marvel Snap PVP mode comes late January


The Marvel Snap PVP mode titled Battle Mode is coming in late January. Here’s what to expect from former Heartstone creator Ben Brode’s new baby.

If you've been looking for a competitive hook to Hearthstone's step-sister mobile card game Marvel Snap, then good news: Its long-awaited PVP mode hits on Jan. 31. The reveal came via a Unity Tool blog post by Marvel Snap associate design director Kent-Erik Hagman, saying that the game's Battle Mode is a "funner, more competitive way to play Marvel Snap."

What to expect from Marvel Snap's PVP mode

What can fans expect from a Marvel Snap PVP mode? According to Hagman, the team wanted "an ultra-competitive way to play against friends – something that takes the gameplay, bluffing, and mind games to the next level."
What will that mean in practice? Battle Mode is round-based, with each player possessing ten health, with the Cosmic Cube mechanic from the PVE game being replaced. Deplete your opponent's health to zero in order to win the round.
Additionally, deck switching cannot happen during a match. Meaning that it may be important to not show all your cards in a literal sense and save some secrets for another round of play. Still have that Galactus sitting in your hand? Retreat for the round and keep your foe guessing with the ultimate, cosmically hungry trap card.
According to the post, expect a typical Battle Mode match to take around 20 minutes. Though Hagman also says "in early playtests between two players who retreat back and forth for a series of one Health games, it took much longer."
Prepare yourself to take on the world in the Marvel Snap PVP mode, Battle Mode, on Jan. 31. And stay tuned to for more information on all things Marvel Snap.
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