Marvel Snap, the new CCG brought by Ben Brode, former Hearthstone Game Director cover image

Marvel Snap, the new CCG brought by Ben Brode, former Hearthstone Game Director

Marvel Snap, the new CCG based in the Multiverse from the brains that developed Hearthstone. What has Ben Brode been working on?

Marvel Snap, the newest creation of Second Dinner, Ben Brode’s game studio, promises to be the “fastest card battler in the Multiverse”. Marvel Snap has an incredible level of detail in animations and graphics that will make you vibe while you play with your favorite Heroes (or Villains). Learn everything about Marvel Snap, the new Free-to-Play CCG, including how to apply for the closed beta, in this article.

Marvel Snap reveal

With an epic cinematic Trailer including an announcement and later a gameplay showcase with the one and only Ben Brode, Marvel Snap caught the eye of every card-game player in the Multiverse. The game is the result of 4 years of hard work from many of the big brains that created Hearthstone.

Snap brings to life the Marvel Multiverse in a completely different way and promises to be a unique game. With games lasting only 3 minutes, the game assures no dead time as you and your opponent’s turns happen at the same time and resolve after hitting the end turn button.

Moreover, the Marvel Snaps promises to simplify the deck-building aspect of the game, taking decks down to only 12 cards. Despite this, Ben Brode promises the game can have as much strategic depth as most out there.

Deck Building
Deck Building

The key aspects of the Game

Marvel Snap revolves around Cosmic Cubes. Each game will have 2 Cosmic Cubes at stake, but that doesn’t end there, players can choose to double down to get more rewards. If a player chooses to Snap, the number of Cosmic Cubes in play doubles, turning a simple game into a high-stakes experience. But watch out, there is always the possibility that your opponent might be trying to bluff you out of the game.

Marvel Snap assures that will be a Free-to-play game. “It’s really important to us that you are not paying for power. The game is Free to Play, and you can get every card in the game, over time, without paying anything” Julia Humphreys, Marvel Snap Senior Director, says.

Talking about cards, Snap wouldn't truly be a part of Marvel’s Multiverse if each character had only one version. The game offers different “Variants” for each character with unique art and concepts, but the same power. There will be over 120 Marvel Snap cards upon launch, gotta catch them all.

Marvel Snap Card Variants
Marvel Snap Card Variants

Marve Snap Gameplay

In a detailed video, Ben Brode explained Marvel Snap’s Gameplay. There is no secret how good Brode is at creating hype and selling card games. I highly recommend watching the following video to dive into Marvel’s Multiverse CCG. However, if you want to skip it, for now, I’ll also cover the basics below.

Matches last only six turns and the action is divided into three different “Locations”. Each location has a unique effect that affects how the game plays. The player who controls the most Locations by the end of turn six wins it all!

Locations can take you anywhere in the Multiverse but aren’t revealed all at once. Players get to know them one each turn. How to take control over a location you may ask? There is where your cards will start working for you.

Locations and Cards
Locations and Cards

Under normal circumstances, players will be able to play up to four cards in each Location. Each card in Marvel Snap has a specific power attached to it, and on top of that, special abilities that can impact how the game develops and who wins.

The win condition is simple, develop more power than your opponent in at least 2 of the 3 locations to take the game. This opens a variety of strategies, and with locations revealing themselves along the way it goes even deeper.

How to sign up for the Marvel Snap beta?

If you are as hype as I am, you probably want to sign up for Marvel Snap’s beta. Right now the Beta is only open for Android users from the United States, Canada, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand.

Bear in mind that this is an initial version of the game. Will have bugs, limited access, and that is meant for testing. But if you just can’t wait, make sure to Sign up for Marvel Snap’s beta on the game’s official website.

Easter Eggs

Many Hearthstone fans went crazy a couple of days ago when they saw this photo on Ben Brode’s Twitter account. A TV in the background that clearly had a Marvel logo in it. Hours later, Marvel Snap was revealed and the hype went to the moon.

Furthermore, as if things haven’t changed in the last 5 years, Ben Brode showcased Marvel Snap gameplay with the same enthusiasm and energy as he did with Hearthstone expansions. Maybe this flew under the radar for most. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence. But the classic Ben Brode “Greetings” opening gave me the chills, and I promise I could see Garrosh in the background.

What is next?

Second Dinner promises that will share more news “not like right away, but there will be more at some point. We promise”. What we already know is that Marvel Snap will start as a mobile game, but will not be limited to that. Upon global launch, Marvel Snap will also have a PC early access version.

For now, make sure you check the official Marvel Snap website to sign up for the Beta. Stay tuned to for more news and updates of what could finally be “the game that finally kills Hearthstone”.