Subathon 2.0 kicked off this weekend and raised $100,000 in less than 24 hours!

Ludwig just ended his Subathon 2.0 stream at DreamHack Atlanta! In a total of 50 hours, he raised over $300,000 for charity!

Ludwig and Subathon 2.0

When the Subathon 2.0 event first kicked off this weekend, it raised $100,000 in under 24 hours. The livestream involved Ludwig being trapped in a glass box and offering incentives for donation goals. This allowed viewers to donate and put the content creator in embarrassing situations.

For example, in less than two hours since Subathon 2.0 kicked off, Ludwig posted a photo of himself in a clown wig and some makeup. Ludwig also ended up getting a haircut later on.

Over on Twitter, Ludwig thanked PeterParkTV and HasanAbi for their generous donations as well. Several fans congratulated Ludwig on the $100,000 achievement.

“We raised $100K in less than 24 hours,” Ludwig wrote over on Twitter. “Big thanks to @peterparkTV and @hasanthehun for their super generous donations <3 30 HOURS TO GO!”

PeterParkTV also fueled the Subathon 2.0 hype, asking Ludwig to “Give the people what they want” and posting a photo of the haircut.

DreamHack Atlanta shenanigans

DreamHack Atlanta attendees and Ludwig supporters also got their moment in the spotlight. In fact, writer UnamusedBryson was filmed in a costume during the livestream!

“Has to be the best clip at @DreamHack,” UnamusedBryson added.

The shenanigans didn’t end there. UnamusedBryson went to update this Twitch profile as well, calling himself “The hot dog man” to commemorate the hilarious moment.

DreamHack Atlanta took place between November 18th and 20th. The location was at the Georgia World Congress Center. In addition to Ludwig’s Subathon 2.0, DreamHack Atlanta also featured various events such as panels, Starcraft II esports plus a cosplay contest. DreamHack promoted the skills of these cosplayers over on Twitter.

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