The organization announced on July 21st the addition of two promising names in Brazilian skateboarding. Learn a little more about Luizin and Quintas, LOUD’s newest influencers.

LOUD, a Brazilian esports organization that draws a legion of fans and leads a revolution in electronic sports, announced on July 21st that hired two new names for its extensive talent group: skateboarders Pedro Quintas and Luiz Francisco, both representing Brazil at the Tokyo Olympics.

Hiring them shows once again that LOUD is innovating. For the first time, an organization of this kind will be present at the Olympic Games and join the sport's debut at the biggest sports event in the world. In addition, their arrival at the organization shows a policy that has been successful: that it is possible to follow your dreams and inspire the world with stories that, when told well, touch the hearts and minds of the public.

LOUD, in addition to dominating the South American esports scene, has a strong presence in people's lifestyles. Thus, the arrival of two promising names in skateboarding further strengths its presence within this universe, attracting a new audience to the LOUD brand.

From humble beginnings to the skate lanes

Born in Lorena, a countryside city in Sao Paulo, Luiz Francisco comes from a humble family and has already gone through difficult times in his life. However, after overcoming many difficulties during life, today the athlete lives off the sport he loves so much. Third best in the world according to the World Skate ranking - the sport's regulatory body which is recognized by the International Olympic Committee, Luizinho was the first to qualify in the sport for the Olympics.

Contact with LOUD began on the day he qualified. On May 11th, the organization congratulated the athlete for the achievement and started talking with him, until the invitation came.

A childhood love

On the other hand, Pedro Quintas got his first skateboard when he was age 3. With his father's support, despite not knowing how to skate, he gradually learned and soon began to attend the lanes in the city of Sao Paulo. Soon after that, training became more serious and the athlete's talent took him to 10th place in the World Skate ranking for his skateboarding style.

LOUD's new influencers managed to qualify during the Dew Tour, held in Des Moines, Iowa. Even without advancing to the finals, the score already guaranteed the long-awaited spot for the Olympic Games.

The Brazilian delegation has already won two silver medals in skateboarding. Kevin Hoefler started the Brazilian medal count in Tokyo, securing second place in the Street skateboarding. Rayssa Leal, only 13 years old, brought the country to a standstill. The "Skate Fairy" also secured the silver medal in the Street skateboarding and became the youngest Brazilian to win a medal at the games.

Finally, the participation of both at the Tokyo Olympics starts on August 4th, when they join Pedro Barros to fight for medals for the Brazilian delegation, in the Park skateboarding style.

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