Want to find all of Lost Ark’s 1250 Mokoko Seeds? We’ve got you covered. Here’s all of the reasons and rewards to collect them.

Mokoko Seeds are one of the first collectibles that you'll see in Lost Ark. The seeds reward you with a lot of roster XP over time, so you'll want to get them as much as possible. These Mokoko Seeds are hidden all over the world, and can even be in secret locations. While you'll run across a fair few just moving throughout the world on your own, you'll want to use a guide to find them all on your journeys.

What does a Mokoko Seed look like?

Mokoko Seeds are small pear-like fruits hidden throughout the Lost Ark world of Arkessia, as seen below.

Where do you find the Mokoko Seeds?

There's a handy map of every Mokoko Seed in the game over at Pupunika, if you don't want to find them yourself. Otherwise, you can scroll down to find our tips on how to find them.

How much XP can you get from Lost Ark's Mokoko Seeds?

According to our research, there are about 1250 Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark at present. Since you get about 180 XP per Mokoko Seed, that's a total of 225,000 roster experience across the whole game. The good news (and bad news, I suppose) is that Mokoko Seeds can only be looted once per account. This means that you won't be able to just recollect the 1250 Mokoko Seeds to keep boosting your roster xp, but at the same time, that carries over across servers anyway.

Since it is server bound, your characters on different servers don't get them automatically.

What are the Lost Ark Mokoko Seed rewards?

Mokoko Seeds are the only way to get a bunch of exclusive loot. This includes cards, various potions, crew members for your stronghold,

  • Totoma Card – 50 seeds
  • Kindness Potion – 100 seeds
  • Stronghold Crew Application Form: Chicachica – 150 seeds
  • Vitality Increase Potion – 200 seeds
  • Crew Application Form: Cororico – 250 seeds
  • Stat Increase Potion – 300 seeds
  • Mokamoka Card – 350 seeds
  • Paradise’s Knight License – 400 seeds
  • 15 Eurus Blueprint – 450 Seeds
  • Stronghold Crew Application Form: Mukomuko – 500 seeds
  • 3 Shy Wind Flower Pollen – 550 seeds
  • 20 Eurus Blueprint – 600 seeds
  • Crew Application Form: Poipoi – 650 seeds
  • Title: Mokoko Hunter – 700 seeds
  • Structure: Mokoko Seed Monument – 750 seeds
  • Transform: Egg of Creation – 800 seeds
  • Stronghold Crew Application Form: Kind Paruru – 850 seeds
  • Background: Moki Toki – 900 seeds
  • Masterpiece #32 – 950 seeds
  • Ship Model: Blooming Caravel – 1000 seeds
  • Crew Application Form: Narinari – 1050 seeds
  • Title: Nice Smelling – 1100 seeds
  • Masterpiece #44 – 1150 seeds
  • Mokoko Charm – 1200 seeds
  • Weird Mokoko Emoji Pack – 1250 seeds

Tips for finding Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark

While maps do exist for finding Mokoko Seeds for every area in the game, sometimes you just want to explore and be rewarded for doing so on your own. We get it. As such, here's some tips for finding Mokoko Seeds on your own.

  • Stop and smell the seeds (they have a pleasant aroma, after all)

Mokoko Seeds are tricky buggers. If you aren't looking out for them, it's extremely easy to walk right by the pear-shaped fruits. If you want to find the seeds easily, make sure you're examining your surroundings around objects like fenses, trees, the edges of maps, and enemy encampments. You're likely to spot them looking innocuous and like part of the background in no time.

  • Explore dungeons thoroughly

Mokoko Seeds aren't just on the overworld. You can find them in dungeons too - and a lot of times they are in hidden areas off the map. In order to find these hidden rooms, you should comb every inch of a dungeon. Sometimes paths can be hidden behind walls that are destrutible, or in a cliffside that looks solid until you run towards it. These areas won't be marked either, so you really need to click around. If your character seems like it can move at a boundary, you probably found a hidden area.

  • Destroy everything

And I do mean everything. Boxes, barrels, enemies, fences. Whatever you can find that can take damage, you should leave no survivors. Sometimes seeds can be hidden underneath or behind these objects.

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