Smilegate RPG assured Lost Ark fans that their characters have not been deleted amid panic when the game launched.

Amazon and Smilegate RPG had to quell panic amid the Lost Ark player base today as it seemed like characters had been deleted upon launch.

After a delay of several hours, Lost Ark was set to finally launch at 2:15 PM Pacific time. Players quickly discovered, to their horror, that early access characters seemed to have been either deleted or just straight up missing.

Lost Ark characters haven't been deleted

However, it seems that this was an error on Smilegate's part, and they quickly assured fans that their hard earned Early Access characters are fine. This is good, as many streamers and players had been playing since the 8th.

The Lost Ark servers were quickly pulled down to investigate:

And then assurances were made that everything is fine:

These sorts of issues are horribly common with ARPGs, and add on the fact that Amazon was likely preparing for a massive influx of players, you get the MMO problem too. Companies have always struggled with day one of their new games, and given Amazon is fairly new to the issue, they are going through growing pains.

There's no word at present when servers will be brought back online but it seems that they want to make sure everything is kosher before doing so.

Amazon issues Celestial Aura extension as apology

As a result of the launch delay, they promised players three days of Celestial Aura, the paid subscription service that gives in game benefits, in compensation. They also apologized for the issues, but did not specify what those issues were as of press time.

In order to claim the Aura, players just need to log into Lost Ark before 9 AM on February 13.

Lost Ark has been wildly successful on Twitch, thanks in large part to the Legends of the Lost Ark campaign that's currently ongoing. This has led to not only a lot of players tuning in and playing the game in early access, but also a lot of community interest that was likely driving interest as we headed towards the full launch of the game.

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