Liquipedia launches mobile app: Keep up to date with your favorite esports leagues cover image

Liquipedia launches mobile app: Keep up to date with your favorite esports leagues

Liquipedia’s new mobile app is here and available for download. Learn about the app below!

The popular esports wiki, Liquipedia, launched its first official mobile app this Monday, October 10. With features catered to all gamers, this app will keep you updated on everything esports regarding tournament standings and more.

Here is all the information you need to know about Liquipedia's new mobile app.

Head to the app store now to download the official Liquipedia mobile app!

Available on both the Apple app store and Google play, the Liquipedia mobile app is ready to run for everyone. With exciting features that cater themselves to you and your particular esports interest, enthusiasts will be able to follow their favorite teams closely.

Once you have the app opened, it will have you click on which games you want to follow. This allows for a better integration catered to the user.

Liquipedia app opening page via
Liquipedia app opening page via

The current games to follow on their app are listed below.

If you do not see your favorite game on that list, then do not worry. Liquipedia also announced that more games would be featured within their app in the future.

Enjoy Liquipedia's mobile app's unique features and more!

There is a lot to unpack when venturing into the new Liquipedia app. After selecting the games you want to follow, the app will then start sending you updates on your favorite teams and their match standings.

Liquipedia game standings via
Liquipedia game standings via

With every team standing all in one place, you are now able to just open up the app and check how your team did in their latest match. Basically, this is the ESPN app but for gamers.

Users can utilize the app's Twitch integration, which has all the live streams presenting a tournament all in one place.

Liquipedia standings via
Liquipedia standings via

As esports grows, apps like these will start to appear more and more within the market. Having an official database to check in with match standings and how your favorite players are competing is key to a strong market.

Enjoy the new app and happy gaming!