Iron Galaxy clears up Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition upgrades confusion cover image

Iron Galaxy clears up Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition upgrades confusion

Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition is coming soon and with it comes various upgrades, Steam changes, and more. Here’s what to know.

Amid confusion about its various upcoming iterations, Chicago-based developer Iron Galaxy hit social media to explain its upcoming re-release, Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition. Coinciding with the game's tenth anniversary is a major patch update, along with various upgrades for Killer Instinct into its Anniversary Edition. However, figuring out what you have--or may not have--is liable to cause your eyes to go cross.

"Your support has made it possible for us to keep KI going," said IG Production Director James Goddard. "We’re proud to be here on the game’s tenth anniversary to give you an update that we hope will excite fans new and old."

So, let's talk about the various KI: Anniversary Edition upgrades and.... editions. We're going to be saying that word a lot, aren't we?

Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition upgrades, explained

First things first: Whether you're on XBox, Game Pass PC, or Steam, the base version of Killer Instinct is free to play. However, where upgrades begin to kick in is when you pay $29.99 for the Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition upgrade. This includes:

  • 29 fighters
  • All premium content
  • VIP status
  • XP Booster
  • Holiday accessories

Where things get tricky is if you own the current Definitive Edition, and where you own it. According to Iron Galaxy, anyone who owns the Definitive Edition will receive an upgrade to the new edition. However, that upgrade will not include two things: The standalone KI:DE app and the XBox Killer Instinct 1 & 2 classic releases. The posts are quick to explain, however, that if you already own Definitive Edition then those two items will still be available.

Meanwhile, On Steam:

  • Current purchase-only Steam version of Killer Instinct will be replaced by Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition. All purchased Steam versions of Killer Instinct will be upgraded to the Anniversary Edition for free.
  • The Permanent VIP Double XP Booster and Gargos’ Golden God and Argent Shroud colors will be available on Steam for the first time as part of the Anniversary Edition.

Our advice? Go buy the KI:DE now--I bought it over the weekend for 13 bucks on Game Pass. That is, unless you're really hankering to spend 30 bones on a ten year old fighting game.

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