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Football, Coaching, and Gaming Icon John Madden passes away cover image

Football, Coaching, and Gaming Icon John Madden passes away


The namesake of the Madden football series John Madden has passed away. He was 85.

John Madden, legendary football coach, professional commentator, and gaming icon, has passed away aged 85. The news was released by the National Football League in a press release and on official channels late on December 28th.
Madden first rose to fame as coach of the Oakland Raiders. Winning Super Bowl XI with the Raiders in 1977, Madden became one of the icons of American Football. Following his success as a coach, Madden became a broadcaster, with a multi-decade career. Between 1979 and 2008, John Madden commentated for CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX. This made him one of the most prolific football broadcasters of all time.
Just two days ago, it was announced that the 2017 documentary entitled "All Madden" would be released on streaming services from January 3rd.

Madden in Gaming

But for gamers, Madden was the namesake for the most popular football game on the market—A franchise that began in 1988 with John Madden Football, released for the Apple II and MS-DOS.
However, Madden Football eventually became a genre-defining game that was the first introduction to the world of football for many young gamers. In many editions, John Madden serves as commentator to the onscreen action. His commentary last appeared in Madden 09. However, the Ask Madden feature has persisted, with his image and likeness appearing in many games.
"All-Madden" teams were routinely included in the games—A roster of the very best players included in the game in any given year. Madden was a by-word for excellence in football.
To this day, Madden Football is the premier NFL game on the market. It's latest release, Madden 22, reported revenue of around $150 million. Additionally, Madden is a top esport in its own right. The Madden NFL 22 Championship Series commands significant prize pools.
As a result, John Madden’s passing has affected three distinct generations. Those who knew him as a legendary Super Bowl-winning coach, those who knew him as a broadcaster, and those who grew up with games bearing his name. A sad departure for a figure that had touched so many with his voice and actions.
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Michael Hassall
Michael Hassall
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