Fans sure hope so.

Many of the characters in the original Hades game will return in Hades 2, and Aphrodite's return is one of the most anticipated.

Fans want to see Aphrodite in Hades 2 because of her interactions in the first game and her stunning looks. Find out everything we know about the Greek Goddess of Love's role in the new game.

Will Aphrodite be in Hades 2?

Aphrodite fans, do not worry; she will be part of the sequel. While we don't know everything Aphrodite will do in the new game, she appears in the limited technical test.

We expect, however, Aphrodite to play a significant role in the sequel. She's one of the most famous Greek gods and her Boons were quite useful in the original game.

In case you have never played Hades, Boons are the abilities each god in the game gave to the protagonist Zagreus to assist him in combat. Aphrodite, in particular, helped decrease the damage output inflicted in Zagreus — which was good for anyone who enjoyed playing more defensively instead of dealing more damage.

How does Aphrodite look in Hades 2?

If you thought Aphrodite was astonishing in the original Hades game, her design looks even more incredible in Hades 2. The Supergiant Games team reworked the designs of the gods and somehow made them look hotter than before.

Somehow they made Aphrodite even more beautiful in the sequel (Image via Supergiant Games)
Somehow they made Aphrodite even more beautiful in the sequel (Image via Supergiant Games)

When does Hades 2 come out?

It's unknown when Supergiant Games will release Hades 2. However, the technical test is underway and the developer said the early access version should be released not too long after the playtest is finalized. The limited build began on April 16 and is expected to take "longer than a week, shorter than a month."

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