Online shopping to a whole new level.

IKEA is now hiring workers to operate its new virtual storefront in Roblox. The Swedish furniture store is looking for ten aspiring employees within the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Recruited candidates will work in a virtually recreated store, "getting a taste of what careers are like in a real life IKEA."

Help customers throughout an entire IKEA store in Roblox

In-game screenshots of IKEA's virtual store (Image via
In-game screenshots of IKEA's virtual store (Image via

IKEA is taking online shopping to a whole new level with their Roblox activation. It's not merely a virtual portal to their store's website, but an actual recreation of a physical store. Screenshots reveal an example of an employee's avatar and parts of the virtual store, including virtual representations of furniture and even their famous food court.

The ten selected candidates will "work in different sections of the store like the Showroom and Bistro, helping people choose their furniture, serving meatballs, having the chance to win exclusive UGCs and much more," according to the official website.

"The Co-Worker" program is only available to those 18 or older in the UK or the Republic of Ireland. IKEA's Roblox positions are fully remote and pay £13.15 or €14.80 per hour depending on country of residence. The furniture company even plans to provide opportunities to move departments and be promoted.

The recruitment process

<em>Screenshot of "The Co-Worker" application questions (Image via</em>
Screenshot of "The Co-Worker" application questions (Image via

IKEA's Roblox job listing claims they "believe in recruiting people based on our values rather than simply ticking all the right boxes on a CV."

United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland residents over 18 can submit a short, slightly unusual online application. The questionnaire simply asks for applicants' basic information, social media handles, and what they would do in various pixelated scenarios. Uploading a resume or CV isn't even an option.

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