The Super Mario Bros. Movie is bringing the heat with its marketing campaign, including a reality-bending hotline number. So, we called it. Come have a listen.

Call it nostalgia, great marketing, or both. But against best wisdom I am super-hyped for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie. Yes, it reeks of the same wafting aroma as the Minions franchise--no shock given both are made by the same studio. However, it's the extra things that will make even a aging esports boi such as myself giggle with glee over something I'd typically roll my eyes at. Case in point: The Super Mario Movie number that you can call.

Leave it to fantastic marketing campaigns to get everyone excited. I've got to give credit where it's due: Illumination did its due diligence in making something that hits me right in the Captain Lou Albanos.

It's-ah the Super Mario Movie number hotline

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has had an uphill battle to fend off gamer hipster opinions. Most of this comes from the sheer mockery of star Chris Pratt's performance of the titular plumber. Said to be "unlike anything you've ever heard before" by people who must never have watched any parodies of New York in the 1990s, the voice is... Fine. It's fine. Is it Mario? No, of course not. But, it was never going to be.

But, what do you know, slowly Illuminations has won over the internet with charm, the correct reveals, and now this slick marketing campaign. Across the internet you can see the Mario movie popping up. This includes social media marketing ads for the famous bros and their plumbing service.

That enough would be funny and kind of incredible. However, it appears the marketing arm has gone the extra mile. I had to call the Super Mario Movie number. For science.

I called the number

I'm a sucker for a good marketing tactic. So, of course I called the Super Mario Movie hotline number from the commercial. Why wouldn't I? There's something strange and fantastical about bizarre, almost fourth-wall breaking marketing that I can't resist.

We've recorded the call above for those outside the United States. And, of course it's Charlie Day channeling the full energy of Luigi, especially when mentioning something about mansions. Hmm.

All of this is fantastic. From the commercial rap theme song that brings some serious Super Mario Super Show energy to the reality-bending hotline number.

You know what? I'm in. Whatever reservations I have about Chris Pratt and his voice acting abilities being akin to Drax's stealthiness don't matter. I'll go see this movie. Hooting and hollering shall occur. I may even get a giant novelty popcorn tub. Who knows?

The Super Mario Bros movie comes out April 7, 2023 in the United States.

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