HP has announced it has completed the purchase of the gaming peripherals brand HyperX from Kingston Technology. What does this mean for Gamers?

Hewlett Packard (HP) announced the acquisition of Kingston Technology’s HyperX for $425 million. The acquisition supports HP’s strategy to drive growth in its Personal Systems business. The computer hardware company wants to get into the popular gaming and peripherals segments.

“We are delighted to officially welcome the incredible people of HyperX to HP. HyperX has built a loyal following among gamers and we look forward to further strengthening the HyperX brand,” said Alex Cho, president, Personal Systems, HP Inc. “This acquisition further advances our ability to create the compute experiences of the future, expand into valuable adjacencies, and unlock new sources of growth.”

What does this deal mean for gamers?

Kingston retains its memory and storage products but cannot use the HyperX brand name anymore. HP bought the accessories business - keyboards, mice and headsets as well as the HyperX name. Shortly after the announcement, Kingston revealed the naming for its next gaming RAM lineup which will go by ‘FURY’. 

New RAM lineup - FURY

HyperX is a common name in gaming and esports with sponsorships across the spectrum. HypeX sponsors teams, players, events and has also partnered with several influencers and streamers. HP is no stranger to gaming and esports either. The company’s ‘Made by Omen’ brand has sponsored the Overwatch League and many other events in the past.

PC gaming is one of the most popular forms of video gaming. HP expects the PC hardware industry to be worth $70 billion by 2023, while the global peripherals market will grow to $12.2 billion by 2024. Gaming peripherals form the majority of this segment and this is why HP has now completed its HyperX purchase.

It is unclear how HP plans to merge its OMEN by HP peripherals with the HyperX brand. Kingston will announce its next range of products on July 19. 

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