How to Register for Dune Awakening, an open-world survival MMO cover image

How to Register for Dune Awakening, an open-world survival MMO

New Survival game set in Arrakis with thousands of players left to build their own shelter, fight to control spice and rise to control the territory.

Game developer, Funcom has revealed their latest project, Dune: Awakening, a multiplayer survival game set in the Dune universe. The new MMO takes inspiration from both the Dune Movie and Frank Herbert's Dune novels. This announcement came during the 2022 Gamescom Opening Night where viewers were shown a first full look of the game.

The Dune: Awakening trailer does not reveal much specific details of the game but shows a brief cinematic look. The trailer starts in Arrakis, a desert planet in Dune and continues with an individual in a stillsuit who holds out two weapons to face a sand storm.

What to expect from the MMO game

While there is till much unknown about the game, players can expect to explore Arraks in depth. Furthermore, players will be able to customize their characters to their preferences. Thousands of players will be set on the most dangerous planet and will need to build shelters against standstorm, maintain their stillsuit, and adapt to survive. Players must also watch out for the sandworms like the one shown in the trailer.

Dune Awakening preview. (Image via Dune Games)
Dune Awakening preview. (Image via Dune Games)

Controlling spice will also be a key factor in this game as the one who controls spice controls Arrakis. Players will need to hunt for spice blooms, delpoy their harvester then protect it from rival factions. Dune Awakening will give players the opportunity to rise through the ranks and become known in Arrakis.

Steam describes Dune as a game that "bines the grit and creativity of survival games with the social interactivity of large.

How to sign up for Dune Awakening beta

To sign up for the Dune Awakening beta, you must visit the Dune games site. After this,click on the button that says sign up for the beta. This will reveal a menu that asks for your email to notify you if you are chosen for the beta. All players must fill the information correctly to stand a chance of selection. Registering for the first beta also keeps you registered for future beta tests.

Dune Awakening does not have a launch date yet but it will be released on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.