Here’s how to get a SUPERVIVE Alpha key through your Twitch account.

SUPERVIVE is the top-down hero shooter Battle Royale from Theorycraft Games, here's how to signup to the Alpha and get a key.

SUPERVIVE feels like the spiritual successor to Battlerite, produced by developers who worked on League of Legends, Apex Legends, Overwatch, and more. It's in a brief alpha until June 5, but it's not too late to jump in and get some games in. How's how to get a SUPERVIVE Alpha key.

How to get a SUPERVIVE Alpha key?

SUPERVIVE is available to fans through Twitch Drops, but it works differently from other Twitch drops in some ways. The first thing you'll need to do is to create a Theorycraft Games account. This can be done through Theorycraft Games' official website. Just link the account to an email, verify the account via the email account and you're good to go for the first step.

Next up is to link your Theorycraft Games account to your Twitch account in order to enable Twitch drops. This can also be done through Theorycraft Games' official site, simply click this link to go to the Twitch linking page for SUPERVIVE. The reason you need to do this is that the key is sent to your Theorycraft Games account rather than your Twitch account. Follow the instructions on the page to link your Twitch account to your Theorycraft Games account.

  • Create or log in to a Twitch account
  • Create or log in to a Theorycraft Games account
  • Link your Twitch and Theorycraft Games accounts together
  • Watch a Supervive stream to collect Super Shards that give you greater odds of a game key drop
  • Redeem your key
  • Go play SUPERVIVE!

Finally, go onto Twitch and pull up a SUPERVIVE stream that has drops enabled. You don't have to watch it the whole time, and you can always mute the stream and put in a tab or window you're not using. SUPERVIVE Twitch drops reward you for watching more of the game by granting something called Super Shards. Super Shards are dropped after guaranteed lengths of time spent watching SUPERVIVE streams. You get one Super Shard about every hour of gameplay that you've watched. The more Super Shards you have, the better your chance of getting an Alpha Key.

From there, just wait. If you don't want to have to claim the Super Shards individually, you can always install a browser plug-in that will automatically claim Twitch drops. Hopefully, you're lucky and can join everybody in the Skylands to duke it out soon.