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How to complete Plan to Clean the Earth in Stellar Blade

Here is a complete guide for the Plant to Clean the Earth Quest

Stellar Blade's Plan to Clean the Earth side quest tasks you with helping a robot out of a hairy situation. The robot, D1G-g2r, gets stuck under some debris, and it's your job to rescue him. This guide will explain how to complete all three tasks within this quest to rescue the robot.

How to claim/begin the Plan to Clean the Earth quest

This Stellar Blade quest will become available automatically as you progress through the campaign. Once it appears, you must begin your journey in the Wasteland. After traveling to the Wasteland, your next step is to head to the Scrapyard at the northernmost point on the map. Unfortunately, you must do this on foot, which will take some time.

Once you reach the Scrapyard, proceed through the open doors and talk to the trapped robot to officially begin the Plan to Clean Earth Stellar Blade quest.

What is the objective of this quest?

The objective of this quest is as follows:

  • Free the robot (D1G-g2r) by resetting the claw crane's control system
  • Reset the claw crane's control system and operate the Ticker, Buzzer, and Clunker in that exact order.
  • Speak to the robot to complete the quest

The Ticker

The Ticker is your first objective to bring back online. This is located near the cliff's edge, as marked on the map above. You must move the orange box to the ledge, allowing you to jump off the box and platform up to the Ticker. Once there, proceed to the button and press it to start the Ticker.

The Buzzer

The Buzzer is next, located in the southernmost portion of the Scrapyard. You can reach it by moving the orange box to the wall and jumping to the next level.

Once you have reached the next level, turn to your right, and you will see a moveable object. Move that object onto the glowing platform to open the gate preventing you from getting to the Buzzer.

After opening the gate, you can double-jump to the Buzzer or move the orange box past the gate and use that instead. Either way, press the button once you have reached the final platform and proceed to the final step in the Plan to Clean the Earth quest.

The Clunker

The Clunker is the final machine you must power back on to complete this quest. It is located in the center of the Scrapyard, atop a tower. First, you must move the two small moveable objects onto the glowing platform.

This opens the gate, and then you must move the orange box from beyond the gate over to the ladder. Then, jump atop the box, climb the ladder, and press the button to activate the Clunker.

Freeing the robot and completing the Plan to Clean the Earth quest

After restarting the Ticker, Buzzer, and Clunker, the crane will become operational again and free D1G-g2r. Now, walk over to the robot and speak to him. He will thank you, and you will receive the Plan to Clean the Earth quest complete notification alongside the following rewards:

  • 400 Gold
  • Extreme Nano Element x5
  • Advanced Nano Element x25
  • Nano Element x50

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