Give me 5-star March 7th, now

Honkai Star Rail put March 7th under the spotlight with their Summer Games Fest 2024 segment. With the crew's return to Xianzhou comes a "new incarnation" of March 7th.

New March 7th reveal?

Honkai Star Rail tease for "Legendary New Swordmaster" (via HoYoverse)
Honkai Star Rail tease for "Legendary New Swordmaster" (via HoYoverse)

The Honkai Star Rail version 2.3 Special Program Livestream showed several characters' silhouettes. Some of these were characters we already know about, like Jiaoqiu and Yunli, but the last silhouette was only labeled "Legendary New Swordmaster."

The tease already had people theorizing it was Honkai Star Rail's poster girl as it bore her clover-shaped emblem at the end of the visible straps. The Honkai Star Rail trailer played during the Summer Games Fest 2024 soon confirmed these suspicions.

This new incarnation will come after the conclusion of the Penacony trailblazing mission. After their journey through the land of dreams, the crew returns to the Xianzhou to participate in the "Wardance" event. This prompts March's new outfit.

March 7th's new attire! (via HoYoverse)
March 7th's new attire! (via HoYoverse)

Her new attire isn't only cosmetic, however. HoYoverse specified that March will be "showcasing swordsmanship skills previously unseen." She has also ditched the bow for dual swords, which may make her a Hunt or Destruction character.

Her new form may come as a surprise to many, but references to her using swords aren't new in the game. In fact, it's been hiding deep in Honkai Star Rail since its launch.

March 7th's character story (via
March 7th's character story (via

On March 7th's (the 4-star Ice Preservation version) Character Story II, it says:

[March 7th] is not satisfied witht he fact that her weapon is a bow.
"Great warriors never use bows!"
"Besides, if I use my ice arrow to attack my ice shield, nothing will happen at all!"

March 7th has also worked hard to practice a unique skill called "Star Crazing: Glass Greatsword," but she never succeeded.
"March, judging by the name, it should be a greatsword, right?"
"Well, but it doesn't feel as good as an ice sculpture... smash."

Her new form may be the completion and realization of her swordswoman dreams.

This new incarnation of March 7th will be playable on Honkai Star Rail version 2.4. This update is expected on July 31, 2024.