Happy birthday, Blanka! A history of the green, mean Street Fighter OG cover image

Happy birthday, Blanka! A history of the green, mean Street Fighter OG

It is Blanka’s birthday! Find out more regarding the green man’s origins and history within the “Street Fighter” franchise.

Super Bowl Sunday? Nope. It is Blanka's birthday. The famous Street Fighter character first appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 3 in 1998, making him an OG to the series.

Here is a brief history of the feral green monster.

Coming from the jungles of Brazil, Blanka has been a fan favorite for 25 years now

Premiering during the release of Street Fighter Alpha 3, Blanka easily became the main character for many players. His lightning abilities and strong physical appearance have made him feared among other characters.

So where does Blanka come from?

Blanka via VG247
Blanka via VG247

Well, the character's lore begins with him living as a feral being in the Brazilian jungles. During Alpha 3, he was accidentally transported to civilization on a poacher's truck. This is where he has his first matches, beginning his journey within Street Fighter.

Street Fighter II revealed a lot more about the character's origins. Blanka had been the victim of a plane crash as a child, which led him to grow up in the wild.

It is also made aware that Blanka is a bit of a mommy's boy. The mean green man's only love was that of his mothers.

A mother's love tames the feral beast

After getting a taste of the fighting world, Blanka became one of the top fighters in the game. Street Fighter IV, released in 2008, showed the green lightning character taking a trip to Hong Kong.

Throughout the game, his mother, who went looking for him, finally reunites with him at the end.

Blanka's mother via Reddit
Blanka's mother via Reddit

Everything becomes okay for the character because he is finally back in the arms of the one who loves him most.

The character was also playable in Street Fighter V, but not until one of the later seasons.

Blanka's role in the highly anticipated Street Fighter 6

With Street Fighter 6's release being right around the corner, Capcom has already confirmed that Blanka will be a playable character from the start. This has fans extremely excited.

Blanka Street Fighter 6 via Street Fighter
Blanka Street Fighter 6 via Street Fighter

Whether or not the character will have more lore added is unknown, but with him being a playable character from the start, it is easily plausible.

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