has partnered up with Education and Creator Marketplace GGWP Academy to help progress the careers of gamers!

In a brand new partnership, will be joining forces with Education and Creator Marketplace GGWP Academy!

GGWP Academy is a brilliant Australian-based company that aims to help aspiring esports content creators and streamers emulate the success of the greats. How? By equipping its members with the resources and opportunities to kick-start their gaming careers.

The GGWP Academy was founded by Jacquie Garrett in April 2018, and the company provides a library of training videos covering topics such as personal branding, goal setting and social media marketing.

“I'm excited for this partnership with GGWP. The educational content is far beyond anything I've seen available in the space to date. I'm excited to see how we can work to change the esports landscape with this incredible partnership," said Amanda Solomon,'s Partnerships manager.

The content GGWP Academy creates is actionable and the academy works with creators in the space. Two of the creators currently collaborating with the academy as instructors are Minecraft megastreamer CaptainPuffy (1.5 million Twitch followers) and award winning Twitch Partner IamBrandon.

GGWP Academy currently offers over 100 training videos to take your content to the next level.

"We're proud to be working alongside as the bridge between content creation and esports. Together, we hope to bring our knowledge to a greater audience," said Cassie Puah, GG WP Academy's Co-Founder and CMO.

If you want to learn more head over to the GGWP Academy website.