Get THAT Logitech controller on sale now–submarine not included cover image

Get THAT Logitech controller on sale now–submarine not included

The Logitech controller found in the Titan OceanGate submarine is on sale right now… assuming you want a crappy, old controller.

Unless you've been living under the sea then you've already heard of the ongoing tragedy-in-motion that is the OceanGate Titan submarine. Part of a tech startup HMS Titanic wreckage expedition, the submersible and its five passengers went missing on June 18. However, the gaming twist to this nightmare fuel story is that the submarine is controlled by a Logitech G Wireless Gamepad F710.

Well, good news everybody! You can now buy that exact same Logitech controller from Amazon, now marked down and on sale at a curious--and maybe serendipitous--time. And while we're not saying that this poorly reviewed, ancient controller had anything to do with the submarine's current status...

I'm just saying that this might not have happened if they had been using a Donkey Konga controller.

Sale: Logitech Controller for submarine use

The use of video game controllers for military and heavy industrial vehicles is not uncommon. As reported by the Washington Post, it's seen especially frequent for military purposes. However, the sticking point is that, universally, those controllers are corded. However, the OceanGate sub in all of its wisdom uses one connected via bluetooth.

Now, I'm not a boat scientist by any means. However, even I could guess that using a bluetooth controller inside a metal can the size of my upstairs hallway and so far down under the ocean surface that you're essentially in a trench is a bad idea.

Even more astounding is that, for the cost and the clientele involved with this misguided deep-sea excursion you'd think they could have used better hardware. The reported cost per person for the voyage comes in at around $250,000 USD. I mean... With that kind of money they could have at least afforded that big controller setup for the Xbox game Steel Battalion. Maybe they took advantage of the Logitech controller sale ahead of time for their submarine.

And so can you! Amazon currently has the wired version of this Logitech controller marked down 40 percent. However, you've already missed your chance at the wireless version. As of this post, it appears the same version of the controller used in the submarine has sold out.

Because of course it did.

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