The popular energy drink, Juvee, is now available nationwide at many different Targets.

Watching popular brands within the gaming industry become mainstream is always exciting. Juvee, the energy drink once owned by 100 Thieves, has just announced that their product is now available across the U.S. in many different Targets.

No more buying online in bulk. Those looking to purchase the popular drink can do so by just heading to their local Target.

Juvee now available in Targets across the U.S.

Launched back in 2022 by 100 Thieves CEO, Matthew Haag, and co-founder, Sam Keene, Juvee quickly became a favorite amongst gamers. Haag, otherwise known as Nadeshot within the gaming scene, had sought to make an energy drink that was healthy.

The truth of the matter is that many of the energy drinks that gamers advertise today are awful for your body, which prevents gamers from using their full potential in-game.

The drink became extremely successful amongst gamers. Sadly, though, after a series of layoffs at 100 Thieves, the drink ended up being sold to Sprecher Brewing Co. Still, though, this was a huge win for Juvee, as now its distribution has reached stores nationwide.

Keen, who is the CEO of Sprecher Brewing Co. took to Twitter today to announce the official major distribution: "I can’t believe I’m actually typing this: Juvee is available NOW, NATIONWIDE at Target!!"

The drink will be available in 1,086 stores in 49 different states within the U.S. You can purchase the energy drink for the low price of $2.79 a can.

Will Juvee be available in additional stores such as Kroger, Walmart and more?

While the drink is available at many liquor stores, gas stations and now Targets, it has yet to hit the mainstream world of Walmart, Kroger and other grocery stores.

So will it be available in any of these stores soon? Well, while we do not have an exact answer for that, we do know that them now being available in Targets nationwide is a huge step forward for the energy drink.

This means that we could very well see the drink hit even more mainstream stores in the near future.

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