Gamers for Giving: Gamers Outreach’s yearly fundraiser event is bringing games to hospitalized kids cover image

Gamers for Giving: Gamers Outreach’s yearly fundraiser event is bringing games to hospitalized kids

Gamers Outreach’s annual fundraising event is here with Gamers for Giving to help hospitalized kids have a better time. Check out how to help

Gamers Outreach, the global video game charity that provides gaming experiences to hospitalized children, is running its yearly fundraiser event this weekend. From March 26-27, the Gamers for Giving virtual marathon will bring the gaming community together to raise money for hospitalized kids. The details of this marvellous Gamers Outreach event, and how to help this noble cause are in this article.

Gamers Outreach - Helping Others Level Up

Gamers Outreach is a charity organization that ensures that hospitalized kids can still be themselves while receiving treatments. As their mission states, "Video games are unique tools that provide children with access to digital playgrounds. Through gaming, kids can explore worlds, connect with others, express creativity, and most importantly – simply have fun."

With their unique Gamer Outreach Karts, they can help players connect with distant friends, enjoy the blissful distraction that gaming provides, and maintain a sense of normalcy while being hospitalized. These GO Karts, are self-sustained gaming carts that can provide a gaming experience to any patient in their room. “Gamers Outreach empowers hospitalized children through gaming,” said Zach Wigal, Founder of the organization.

GO Karts in action
GO Karts in action

Gamers for Giving fundraising event

The 14th annual edition of Gamers for Giving will be taking place virtually on Marth 26-27. The goal of the event is to get $1,000,000 to fund many projects during 2022 and build even more GO Karts for hospitalized kids.

“Our mega-stream this weekend will further fund our ambitious plans to help children’s hospitals realize the very real potential of therapeutic play. We’ve seen how gaming makes a kid feel normal during a scary time, and feeling better can often make them better, faster. Gamers for Giving will be bigger than ever this year and we hope everyone joins us in bringing gaming to kids in hospitals.”

Zach Wigal, Founder of Gamers Outreach

The yearly Gamers for Giving event unites, streamers, community members, organizations, and supporters under the same cause. The 2021 Gamers for Giving event broke the record raising $966K last year.

With that money, Gamers Outreach was able to bring gameplay to over 80 new healthcare facilities. As a result, the organization now covers over 320 hospitals, delivering over 3.5 million gaming experiences each year.

How to Help Gamers Outreach

The big Gamers for Giving event is upon us, and you can be part of it. There are three main ways to help hospitalized kids have a better time.

  • Donate to the Gamers Outreach - Gamers for Giving event
  • Create your own fundraising campaign on their Tiltfy page
  • Spread the word, promote the event, and join the conversation on Twitter using the #GFG2022 hashtag.

“This is a cause we feel really strongly about. As gamers, it’s obvious video games can make a tremendous difference in hospitals.”

Zach Wigal, Founder and Excecutive Director of Gamers Outreach

Therapeutic Play - Turning Hospitals into LANs

Gamers Outreach believes that gaming has unique abilities to deliver a sense of normality to hospitalized kids. "Even if there’s an IV in your arm, a controller in your hand could somehow make you feel normal".

Year after year, Gamers Outreach tries to push the boundaries on what they can do. The organization wants to reimagine hospitals into fun LAN centers. Cross-room play, organizing tournaments, and new gaming experiences can bring big fun to kids under treatment. Zach Wigal, founder of Gamers Outreach says “Video games are one of the few tools that are capable of providing kids with access to play at scale”.

Finally, if you are interested in learning more about Gamers Outreach or want to get involved, make sure to check out their website.

It is time to help others level up this weekend. The Gamers for Giving event hasn’t started and there are already over $150,000 raised with Markstrom leading the race with almost $50K already. See you this weekend at Gamers Outreach charity event!