Gamer creates earrings that run Doom cover image

Gamer creates earrings that run Doom

Yes, you can indeed play Doom on your earrings.

Can players run Doom on their earrings? The answer is yes, according to Alina Matson. Matson is a gamer, streamer, and self-taught developer.

Yes, you can run Doom on earrings

On Nov. 21, Matson posted a video demonstrating that players can run Doom on their earrings. The video was a response to another post predicting that the feat would be possible in six months. Matson accepted the challenge and made the game playable on earrings just a day later.

The ability to play Doom on earrings referenced the "It Runs Doom" meme. Doom is a first-person shooter (FPS) game from 1993 that has since been ported to various electronics. The most hilarious part is that these electronics aren't typically used for gaming.

According to KnowYourMeme, the origin of this meme is a video by YouTuber KevlarGorilla. In 2006, KevlarGorilla posted a video of himself playing Doom on a Nintendo DS.

A few other examples of Doom running on unconventional devices include the following:

  •  Scope monitor
  • iPod music player 
  • ZX Spectrum 8-bit personal computer 
  • Graphing calculator
  • Automated teller machine (ATM)
  • MacBook Pro Touch Bar

TinyCircuits, Thumby, and miniature electronics

Previously, Matson showcased Tetris on earrings as well. She credited the Thumby products from TinyCircuits. TinyCircuits is a company that designs and manufactures small and open-source electronics.

The company launched its Kickstarter back in September 2012 and raised over 1,000% of its goal. It then produced miniature electronics such as handheld game consoles, circuit boards, and more.

Thumby carrying cases (Image via TinyCircuits and Laveréna Wienclaw)
Thumby carrying cases (Image via TinyCircuits and Laveréna Wienclaw)

Here's a time of TinyCircuits' various milestones and projects over the years:

  • August 2011: TinyCircuits is born
  • October 2012: TinyDuino raises $180,000 on Kickstarter
  • June 2013: TinyCircuits webstore opens
  • September 2014: TinyScreen raises $128,000 on Kickstarter
  • November 2015: Tiny Arcade raises $76,000 on Kickstarter
  • May 2016: New website launches
  • June 2017: TinySaber is released
  • December 2018: TinyZero Second Generation processor board is released
  • September 2019: Wirelings raises $35,000 on Kickstarter
  • January 2020: Office expands to 12,000 square feet
  • October 2021: Thumby raises $205,000 on Kickstarter
  • October 2022: TinyTV 2 and TinyTV Mini Kickstarter raises $228,000

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