Clix, Co-owner of XSET, has released a new clothing line collaboration with the team.

The popular Fortnite Creator, Clix, and his organization, XSET, finally released High Performance. The new collab features incredible content pieces and a new set of clothing that perfectly matches Clix's popular Dreamin' clothesline.

The new collaboration between the organization and its co-owner has already raised quite a bit of hype around the gaming world.

Clix and XSET create wild High Performance video

Inspired by the Fast and Furious franchise, Clix and XSET came together to create a new content piece to help promote High Performance.

Directed by Shomi Patwary, a popular music video creator, the new High Performance video showcases Clix and Big Body Bes, Clix's arch nemesis. The two go head-to-head with each other in an intense street race.

Not only that, but the winner takes home a $400,000 Porsche GT3RS. Watch the video below.

Patwary, the creator of the video, had some words to speak during his time working with Clix and XSET: "I'm thrilled to collaborate with XSET and Clix for a second time. Our mutual passion for cars makes the partnership a perfect collab."

But the High Performance collaboration doesn't stop with its video. No, a new line of clothing has also hit the shop.

New High Performance clothing

Clix has already gained some popularity around his popular Dreamin' clothing line, but now the Co-owner of XSET has released a brand-new set of merch.

The High Performance merch collection was designed by XSET's very own Drew McCarver. The designs are meant to capture the intensity and visual pleasure of street racing.

The merch drop features items from hats all the way to socks, with t-shirts, sweatshirts and gloves in between.

"I am incredibly excited to unveil the 'High Performance' collection," said McCarver. "Collaborating with Clix has been fantastic, and it's his passion for traditional and street racing that we've woven into the aesthetics of the collection."

With multiple designs included in the merch collection, the High Performance set is prepping itself to be one of XSET's most valued collaborations.

View the entire collection here.

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