Former pro Fortnite player teams up with GameSquare to launch Moonlight Studios cover image

Former pro Fortnite player teams up with GameSquare to launch Moonlight Studios

GameSquare announces its new acquisition, Moonlight Studios.

It's always a good day when former esports pros make a return within the industry. Former Fortnite pro, Kyle "Kaz" Rapozo is doing just that by teaming up with GameSquare to launch a new business called "Moonlight Studios."

This expansion highlights GameSquare's creative expertise. Moonlight Studios will directly work with brands, helping them connect with the gaming world through different metaverse-style games such as Fortnite, Roblox and Grand Theft Auto.

Moonlight Studios to lead the forefront of gaming metaverse

GameSquare, a company that works directly with connecting brands and gamers, is setting the bar high for other companies within the industry. Acquiring Moonlight Studios is a big move for the company, as games like Fortnite continue to thrive because of its Creative mode.

Cash App, Amazon, Epic Games and more are all among the companies that have worked with GameSquare in the past, opening up a lot of big doors for Moonlight Studios. With Rapozo's creative direction in charge, the company has already worked hard to create unique and immersive digital experiences for major brands.

“Over the past 12 months we have seen accelerating demand for our world-building services and the launch of Moonlight Studios follows highly successful campaigns we have created for our brand clients,” said GameSquare CEO Justin Kenna. “Our success is a direct result of our deep understanding of gaming community trends and a commitment to innovation, which is further amplified with Kaz at the helm.”

The acquisition has been under wraps for months now, but GameSquare is ready to bring Moonlight Studios to the stage.

“Moonlight Studios expands our commitment to world-building, which we believe is a significant growth opportunity for GameSquare.  The In-Game Revolution also reflects growing interest from youth audiences in virtual worlds as forms of expression and socialization and we are committed to creating inclusive and fun experiences for players.” 

Rapozo, who took home earnings from the Fortnite World Cup back in 2019, while also being a Fortnite player for FaZe Clan, has the proper insight into what excites gamers, especially within the world of Fortnite.

GameSquare subsidiary, "Zoned," works hand-in-hand with Moonlight Studios

Zoned, a subsidiary of GameSquare, has been working directly with Moonlight Studios to ensure their success with popular brands around the world.

“We truly believe there’s a way for every brand to integrate themselves into their own custom experience in-game, but they have to go about it with the right intentions,“ said Zoned Managing Director Carlos Tavor. “Members of the gaming community are not going to engage with an inauthentic experience, so brands have to ensure they are meeting the player base in the middle and producing worlds that are genuinely enjoyable. With Zoned teaming up with Moonlight we can help deliver on that and develop a holistic marketing approach on top.” 

Games that allow for creative direction, not just from the game but the players, are becoming the future of the industry. Both Zoned and Moonlight Studios understand this, which puts their work ahead of many others.

“Our team is plugged in 24/7 and we’re all gamers ourselves, so we are the audience we’re building for. We can also move much faster and be more nimble than most major game studios in the creative and development process. Our flexibility allows us to keep our experiences fresh, and continue to earn new plays weeks and months after release."

Moonlight Studio's future is in good hands.

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