Fnatic’s Creator Program Fnatic Network has been a resounding success according to data released by the organization. The program aims to bridge the gender gap and help foster up and coming talent.

Legendary UK-based Esports Organisation celebrates a successful year for their content creator academy, Fnatic Network, reporting an industry first 50-50 split between male and female streamers in its grassroots program. Fnatic Network is a three-tiered program that aims to foster new content creators. Those who excel can put themselves in line for a contract with Fnatic or other organizations.

As part of their first-year program report, Fnatic shared some stats that highlight the resounding initial success of the academy program:

  • Participants saw an average 56% increase in their stream's CCUs (Concurrent Users)
  • Creators involved in the programme saw an average increase of 150% in their Twitch following since the programme’s inception
  • The entire Fnatic Network’s collective follow count increased by 80 times
  • Fnatic Network now boasts an impressive total social reach of over 6,900,000 across their entire talent pool. 

Launched in April 2020, the Fnatic Network offers budding and full-time creators the opportunity to elevate their streaming capabilities. The network's alumni include Twitch superstars Moonryde and Rhobalas who have both joined Fnatic's main roster of content creators.

In particular, Moonryde's experience is a success story worth highlighting. When he joined Fnatic Network, Moonryde averaged around 800 viewers per stream. However, since joining the program and moving to the main Fnatic roster he has seen his average viewership explode to 6000 per stream. The Warzone player's CCV peaking at over 82,000 earlier this year.

Fnatic Network maintains a 50-50 gender split in its grassroots program

Fnatic Network also had an industry first 50-50 gender split in the grassroots program with 52 streamers participating in the first year. The organization discussed its plan to double down on its efforts to champion diversity moving forward.

"Our ambitions for the esports and gaming industry is to see a more diverse and inclusive audience on and off the screen. I believe this change must start from within, and education and development are key to creating this change. A key goal of Fnatic Network is to seek out and level up the very best talent regardless of gender, race or ethnicity and give them equal opportunity to succeed."

Soraya Sobh, Head of Creator Management

Starting July 2021 Fnatic Network will offer diverse brand-building workshops, monthly Q&A sessions with Fnatic staff and coaches, as well as inclusion in Fnatic and partner campaigns. The program had previously run campaigns with brands like Monster Energy and AMD.

Creators who reach the Gold Tier of Fnatic Network may be invited to join the Platinum Program. The Platinum program is a six-month accelerator program with an emphasis on education and performance development. Platinum creators will also receive a monthly salary and a chance to be signed as a Fnatic content creator at the end of the program.

"Our message to underrepresented, up and coming talent is clear: your career starts at Fnatic. Regardless of where creators end up, we’re here to give them the tools, training, and development they need to succeed. We want to provide opportunities which in turn make the industry a more diverse and better-represented place," added Soraya Sobh.

The full release can be found here.

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