Finally a useful gaming chair: Meet the AI-powered Razer Cthulhu cover image

Finally a useful gaming chair: Meet the AI-powered Razer Cthulhu

They say it’s the ultimate gaming chair— we’d say it’s the first.

Why is it always when April is about to start that brands finally realize they can solve the real problems out there? Are the first three months of the year nothing to them? The Razer Cthulhu is the chair every gamer needs, and it's been announced just now.

We've known for years that RGB gives around 35% extra FPS, even when some people try to deny it. Razer has followed this trend for years, adding more and more RGB to its products. But they are now finally addressing the other problems gamers have outside of performance.

Stop feeding, get fed instead

The midnight snacking crisis is finally over. The Razer Cthulhu is able to make and serve hot-dogs, and even add ketchup if you find a way to convince it that it's legal. The ultimate concern about how many kills you are losing, or how much ranked you're not climbing when you leave your PC, is not an issue anymore.

What about mayonnaise, you may say? Well, if you are not drinking it, you can ask for it. We are always watching you. Always.

Razer Cthulhu features the all-new Razer Skynapse

Fed with 1,337 TB of data, this chip guarantees that the Razer Cthulhu tentacles will be listening to you 96.9% of the times. With such accurate numbers, it's a fact that this product is 100% real.

The product trailer also revealed that it can use your mouse and keyboard with ease. This means that if you're screaming GG, it may be able to make up to your questionable gamer capacities. Truly an innovation made by the Singaporean brand.

Don't worry, we know that you really needed it.
Don't worry, we know that you really needed it.

What else can the Razer Cthulhu do?

Razer made a F.A.Q. section on their product release website to help you better understand the limits and capacities of their new gaming chair. But one of them is a little cryptic.

What AI model is the Razer Cthulhu based on?
ny’thaloth thul byoth azoW ulu

After a very complicated research and learning the language of Lovecraft's beloved creatures, we finally deciphered this message. It translates to: "Embrace the power of the ancient one." What's the meaning of this? Why the website says it may dominate you? Who cares! The chair feeds hot-dog!

Razer Cthulhu release date

From the company failing to deliver a shaving mouse and a toaster, we can't expect much when it comes to April announcements. However, make sure to follow for any news on cutting-edge technology news.

Happy April Fools' Day!