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How to find Dark Matter and craft end game accessories in FF7 Rebirth

A comprehensive guide on how to find Dark Matter and use them to craft FF7 Rebirth’s powerful end game accessories

As you approach the end-game portion of Final Fantasy VII/FF7 Rebirth, you may find yourself needing better gear. The Item Transmuter will provide options for crafting some of the strongest accessories to help in your battles. However, there is a key ingredient necessary–Dark Matter. In this FF7 Rebirth guide, we will show you where you can find Dark Matter and how to craft the best accessories in the game.

What is Dark Matter and how to find them?

Dark Matter is a rare material that you can use to craft a number of strong late game accessories. It is only obtainable after reaching Chapter 12 of FF7 Rebirth through minigames and side quests. The following is a list of all Dark Matter locations and what you need to do to get them.

Obtain by completing
Chocobo Racing
Chocobo Square | Gold Saucer
Grade II Kujata Stampede race
Galactic Saviors
Speed Square | Gold Saucer
Rank II expert mode
Wonderment Square | Gold Saucer
Rank II expert mode
3D Brawlers
Wonderment Square | Gold Saucer
4-star Shiva
Dolphin Show
Solemnitude Manor | The Dustbowl
Rank II Gold Rush challenging mode
Desert Rush
Port of Under Junon | Junon
Rank III
Cactuar Crush 3
Phenomenal Intel 3 | Corel Desert
Rank III
Cactuar Crush 4
Phenomenal Intel 4 | Corel Desert
Rank III

Note that you need to first complete Chapter 12 to acquire the Dark Matter from Dolphin Show, Desert Rush, Cactuar Crush 3, and Cactuar Crush 4. Dolphin Show, in particular, is only accessible after completing the "Tides of War and Worry" side quest.

How to use Dark Matter in FF7 Rebirth

Dark Matter is used to enhance a special set of accessories that require world boss materials such as the Quetzalcoatl Talon or Tonberry King's Robe. Therefore, you need to complete the relevant side quests and regional intel missions beforehand. Next, you need to obtain the Item Transmuter Chip "Ultimate Accessories" in order to enhance said accessories. You can get it by beating the Musclehead Colosseum "Harmony of Discord" combat challenge.

Once you have the Dark Matter and other necessary ingredients, you can finally craft and enhance powerful accessories to help progress through FF7 Rebirth's end game. The accessory base and enhancement recipes are as follows:

Crafting and enhancing FF7 Rebirth end game accessories with Dark Matter

Base Recipe
Enhancement Recipe
Camaraderie Earrings
3 Iron Ore
10 Lea Titanium
1 Quetzalcoatl Talon
1 Camaraderie Earrings
1 Pirate Jetsam
1 Gold Talon
4 Dark Matter
Increase synergy skills and abilities damage by 10%
(Enhanced: Increase by 20%)
Psychic's Charm
1 Emerald
5 Tourmaline
1 Mindflayer Crown
1 Psychic's Charm
1 Pirate Jetsam
1 Burnished Crown
4 Dark Matter
Increase max MP and magic power by 5%. Immune to Silence
(Enhanced: 8% increase to MP and magic power)
Karmic Cowl
3 Exquisite Beast Hide
2 Marjoram
1 Tonberry King's Robe
1 Karmic Cowl
1 Pirate Jetsam
1 Resplendent Robe
4 Dark Matter
Increase vitality and spirit by 30. Immune to Slow and Instant Death
(Enhanced: Increase by 50)
Malboro Orb
2 Ruby
2 Emerald
2 Sapphire
1 Great Malboro Tendril
1 Malboro Orb
1 Pirate Jetsam
1 Gilded Tentacle
4 Dark Matter
Extends duration of debuff status to foes and reduce that on the wearer
(Enhanced: 5% increase to MP)
Draconic Ring
10 Crimsonite Crystal
3 Emerald
1 Jabberwock Horn
1 Draconic Ring
1 Pirate Jetsam
1 Aureate Horn
4 Dark Matter
Increase the limit gauge charge rate upon successful blocking
(Enhanced: 5% increase to HP)
Expeditionary Medal
8 Exquisite Beast Hide
5 Moonstone
3 Crimsonite Crystal
1 King Zu Feather
1 Expeditionary Medal
1 Pirate Jetsam
1 Lustrous Feather
4 Dark Matter
Raise limit level by 1 at start of battle
(Enhanced: Raise limit level by 2)

Pirate Jetsam and Gold Saucer materials

On top of Dark Matter, you need additional unique materials to craft the accessories. To obtain Pirate Jetsam, find treasure chests across Meridian Ocean with Cid's Tiny Bronco. This is easier once you have completed "The Pirate King's Treasure" side quest, which allows you to craft the Corsair's Compass accessory. The compass will notify and guide you when a treasure chest is nearby.

The remaining materials such as the Gold Talon or Burnished Crown are purchasable at the Gold Saucer. Speak to the GP (Gold Saucer Points) Trader in the following areas to purchase them for 700 points each:

  • Gold Talon - Chocobo Square
  • Burnished Crown - Speed Square
  • Resplendent Robe - Battle Square
  • Gilded Tentacle - Event Square
  • Aureate Horn - Ghost Square
  • Lustrous Feather - Skywheel Square

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