FC Pro: EA FC’s Pro Circuit details, schedule and how to enter cover image

FC Pro: EA FC’s Pro Circuit details, schedule and how to enter

EA have unveiled FC Pro, the new competitive circuit for the new EA Sports FC. How does it work, how can you enter and when does it start?

EA have unveiled FC Pro, the new EA SPORTS FC professional circuit. It follows a much simpler and streamlined format than the previous FIFA esports scene did.

There are opportunities for players of all skill levels to get involved and potentially become the first World Champion.

It includes:

  • FC Pro Open: A $1 million open circuit featuring both up-and-coming competitors and Ultimate Team professionals on PlayStation 5. Kicking off in October across ten regions, players will battle through online, regional, and international competitions to earn a seat at the World Championship.
  • FC Pro Leagues: An invite-only circuit for professional players representing iconic football clubs. Players will compete in tentpole tournaments hosted together with football League Partners – Premier League, LALIGA, MLS, and more – for prizing and regional dominance on the road to the World Championship.
  • FC Pro World Championship: The final stop on the FC Pro 24 circuit. The world’s 32 best EA SPORTS FC competitors will face off on the virtual pitch to be crowned the first World Champion.  

EA have also confirmed there will be an all new eChampions League programme coming soon.

FC Pro Schedule

Beginning in October and heading through to June, the circuit will feature both online and in person events. The schedule is as follows:

  • October 2023-February 2024 - FC Pro Open
  • February 2024 - May 2024 - FC Pro Leagues
  • June 2024 - World Championship

New 'open' competition format

The format resembles the successful ALGS format that EA have adopted for Apex Legends. There is an open competition, and an invite only league based competition.

Competition begins in October, with the FC Pro Open. Up-and-coming players and veteran competitors will battle through the qualifiers and follow a clear path to the top level. There will be a USD $1 million cumulative prize pool across five months of competition in ten regions.

Players begin by climbing the online Open Ladder, with top competitors qualifying for regional online events. From there, top seeded regional players will be brought together in London to battle against one another for their chance to compete in the FC Pro Open, an eight-week competition showcasing the best players in the world.

Those who do not qualify will have the opportunity to continue competing in online regional competitions for prizing and bragging rights.

Viewers can tune into weekly broadcasts on the official EA SPORTS FC Twitch channel

Competitors will compete under team banners

FC Pro Leagues kicks off with a series of tentpole tournaments presented alongside the competitions Football League Partners. Each event will offer opportunities to earn prize money and qualify for the World Championship.

Players will compete under the banner of familiar football clubs as they showcase the upper echelon of EA SPORTS FC gameplay.  

The season will then conclude with a World Championship event.

The World Championship pits 32 proven competitors from the FC Pro Open and League against one another in a battle for glory. Players must navigate group play and a single-elimination bracket to take home their share of the USD $1 million prize pool and claim the title of the first ever World Champion.

Could you become the first EA FC World Champion? To learn more, see the Official Rules, and register for FC Pro 24, check out the FC Pro website and read the Pitch Notes