Faze Crimsix to quit gaming and become a professional Race Car Driver cover image

Faze Crimsix to quit gaming and become a professional Race Car Driver

Popular gamer Crimsix to quit gaming and pursue a career in Race Car Driving.

If you dwell within the gaming and content world, you have certainly heard of Ian "Crimsix" Porter. The popular creator has been around since the early days, playing Call of Duty and making content out of it.

After bouncing around from teams such as Optic Gaming, Complexity and now Faze, Porter has created quite a name for himself within the gaming world.

Earlier today, though, the popular YouTuber and gamer announced his official leave from the gaming world, with a new endeavor in mind.

Crimsix to quit gaming and start a new profession

Porter, who first started as a Halo content creator in 2008, has been making content since the beginning.

"My gaming career spanned almost 20 years," said Porter in his recent announcement video on Twitter. "I was there from the beginning when it was just a hobby."

For Porter, making gaming a profession was something that surprised him more than anyone.

"All of a sudden I was making a living doing it."

The creator has three Call of Duty World Championships under his belt and 38 separate Call of Duty Champion titles. His career has been nothing short of successful.

But now, the creator and popular gamer is ready to begin something new.

Race Car Driving: Crimsix's future rolls out

It isn't a desk job or some type of sales job that Porter plans to pursue next. No, the gamer is planning on becoming a professional Race Car Driver.

In his Twitter announcement, Porter stated that he will be racing in the Porsche Sprint Series next year.

The talent pool that the gaming world possesses is immense, and an endeavor such as Porter's is extremely exciting to watch play out.

"I cannot believe what my life has become," said Porter.

The future is bright for this man, as a new chapter begins to unravel for him.

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