Faze Clan x GHOST unveil new “FaZe Up” drink flavor cover image

Faze Clan x GHOST unveil new “FaZe Up” drink flavor

A new FaZe Clan x GHOST flavor has arrived!

FaZe Clan and GHOST have officially unveiled their newest collaboration following their successful “FaZe Pop” flavor launch last year. Joining the record-breaking formula is “FaZe Up,” a lemon-lime energy drink with what fans can typically expect from the GHOST brand. Faze Clan and GHOST hope to see this new flavor echo the successes of FaZe Pop, which was a best-selling drink in 2023. 

Faze Clan x GHOST introduce new FaZe Up flavor

The lemon-lime drink’s namesake draws from the popular esports brand’s tagline. FaZe Up has been uttered thousands of times, dating back to when FaZe Clan was a merely group of talented gamers trying to make it on YouTube. Since then, the brand has managed many lucrative deals with Nike, Steel Series, and more. 

However, the GHOST partnership has proven one of its most successful endeavors. The FaZe Pop flavor became 7-Eleven’s top-selling energy product in 2023. The two hope to see similar results with the new FaZe Clan x GHOST “FaZe Up” flavor

“We are stoked to introduce another original energy drink flavor in partnership with GHOST,” says FaZe Clan Co-Founder Tommy “FaZe Temperrr” Oliveira. “FAZE UP™ tastes like a trip down memory lane, combining the citrus flavors loved by so many of us during childhood. We set out to create a taste that is both familiar and exciting, and hope our fans and community love it as much as we do.” 

Nostalgic flavors are a significant part of GHOST’s approach to their brand, and this is no different. Considering the lemon-lime flavoring, many prospective drinkers can expect an experience similar to Sprite. Although the energy drink market is competitive, GHOST emerged as a top contender in recent years.

Where and when can I purchase the FaZe Up drink?

The latest FaZe Clan x GHOST flavor is available nationwide at 7-Eleven and GNC stores. You may want to check it out if you’re a frequent energy drink consumer. GHOST also offers other collaborations, including one with Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Fish, and even the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

However, please consult your doctor and any pre-existing conditions before trying it out. It's wise to be safe before consuming caffeinated beverages.

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