FaZe Clan announces ‘FaZe Fridays’, which include $1 million in prizes cover image

FaZe Clan announces ‘FaZe Fridays’, which include $1 million in prizes

Looks like the popular Faze Fridays are set to continue through 2024.

The popular gaming organization, FaZe Clan, has announced their extension of FaZe Fridays throughout 2024. This popular tournament series began only recently, and after four events, the organization decided to extend its run.

The success seen throughout the last few FaZe Fridays was more than astronomical, with over 82 million viewer minutes from the live streams.

So what exactly are Faze Fridays?

FaZe Fridays: What are they?

If you are a fan of FaZe Clan, you have probably heard of FaZe Fridays. The popular gaming tournaments held on the Friday of each week pit some of the most famous streamers against one another in a series of different challenges.

The challenges include games like Call of Duty, Fortnite and more, taking some of the biggest stars in each scene and making them duke it out. The company even hinted at events turning to in-person later in the year.

The crazy part about it all is that the $1 million prize pool will be split up into $25,000 prize pools each week. With partners like Xfinity putting forth the money, fans are expected to see the tournament series have quite a run throughout 2024.

FaZe members express their excitement for FaZe Fridays

It's not just the community, though, that is excited for the future of FaZe Fridays. Team members have also expressed their enthusiasm for the events.

“We started this new weekly tournament to just have fun and it’s really taken off,” said FaZe Swagg. “We look forward to putting together teams each week, competing in different titles with different groups and we’re honestly just having a blast. Love that the fans love it as much as we do!”

The tournament series was first teased towards the end of 2023, and with its success this January, we can expect for FaZe Fridays to stick around for quite some time.

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