Chaos awaits with Fall Guys Creative Construction!

Fall Guys’ Creative Mode has arrived after much anticipation from the game’s dedicated fandom. In the same vein as Fortnite, this is the future of Fall Guys. The toolset allows creators to customize maps in Fall Guys for infinite entertainment. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the exciting new Fall Guys Creative Construction. 

What is Fall Guys Creative? A complete explanation

Creative mode is the key to unlimited possibilities. According to the official announcement, players can completely edit levels and rounds in Fall Guys. It describes Creative mode as “A comprehensive and full-featured level editor that allows players to create custom Rounds and share them with the community.”

The tools previously available to just developers are now in the hands of everyone. Fall Guys Creative promises to pave the way for new, potentially chaotic levels and unique design choices for the platform Battle Royale. 

Epic Games and Mediatonic will review analytics to determine the most played maps or Rounds in Fall Guys. The popular ones can be featured in the Fall Guys Show Selector. 

What else is new in Season 4: Creative Construction?

Beyond Fall Guys Creative, Mediatonic announced another slight change. The Season Pass is now known as the Fame Pass. Content drops via the Fame Pass will occur more frequently, and each Season contains more than one. 

Image via Epic Games / Mediatonic
Image via Epic Games / Mediatonic

Hello Kitty headlines the first official Fame Pass, alongside many other rewards. Additionally, the free path is available to players who opt not to spend money on the Fame Pass, meaning you can unlock Hello Kitty without paying. 

The first Fame Pass launches May 10 and will be available until June 12 on all platforms supporting Fall Guys. Mediatonic has also released 20 new Solo Rounds for players to enjoy, which you can see below:

  • Beans Ahoy!
  • Airborne Antics
  • Scythes & Roundabouts
  • Runner Beans
  • Fan Flingers
  • Uphill Struggle
  • Spinner Sprint
  • Lane Changers
  • Gentle Gauntlet
  • Square Up
  • Slide Showdown
  • Digi Trek
  • Shortcut Links
  • Upload Heights
  • Parkour Panic
  • Data Streams
  • Gigabyte Gauntlet
  • Cube Corruption
  • Wham Bam Boom
  • Firewall Finale

You can learn more about the Fall Guys Creative guidelines by visiting the game’s official website. Check out the official update blog post for more information.

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