This is the biggest FIFA transfer signing in history. The organization has also signed David Ellis, who has worked with Jack Grealish, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

British gaming organization, EXCEL esports, has announced the launch of its first competitive FIFA team after signing Tom ‘Tom’ Leese. The organization also signed FIFA ex-professional Nathan ‘Zelonius’ Horton as the team manager. The team has also signed a celebrity photographer in David Ellis, who has worked with the likes of sports superstars Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo.

I want to take my competitive performance and content up another gear and continue to build myself and the growing team whilst doing this, and I feel EXCEL is the perfect place for me to do this. I believe we both share a vision and drive to establish ourselves as a leading team in the scene and I’m looking forward to making that happen!” 

Tom 'Tom' Leese

EXCEL esports will also work closely with EA to drive more exposure in media and in-game assets. There will be an exclusive out-of-game kit that includes a new team jersey. 

The biggest transfer in FIFA history

Tom 'Tom' Leese
Tom 'Tom' Leese

Tom Leese is one of the best professional FIFA players; he started playing FIFA 2005 as a hobby and his skills have reached new heights over time. He realized he was a lot better than his friends and started his foray into competitive gaming. His first tournament, the FIFA17 Ultimate Team Championship 2017 saw him place in the Top 6, a commendable feat for a start. After completing his education, he signed with FUTWIZ to their academy team.

Tom is a huge Spurs fan with a passion for football playing 11 a-side regularly.

With more than 125,000 followers on Twitch, Leese has established a strong presence on social media. The 22-year-old has big plans for the future and hopes to continue them with EXCEL esports. 

I can’t wait to help EXCEL to become the most successful team in FIFA - especially with some exciting upcoming announcements."

“I also really resonate with EXCEL’s power of better. As a content creator in FIFA I’ve had numerous in-depth conversations with viewers where I’ve been able to help them and using the platform I have at EXCEL and the great tools we have here I really want to do the best I can to embody this manifesto.”

FIFA manager Nathan "Zelonius" Horton

The team has also signed ex-FIFA professional Nathan "Zelonius" Horton as the manager. Zelonius was a teacher who posted educational articles on the FIFA subreddit in his spare time. He started streaming and soon grew a following on social media before going full-time in FIFA. He has now joined EXCEL esports as the team manager.

Celebrity Photographer Signs with EXCEL esports

EXCEL esports has also signed celebrity photographer, David Ellis, in what is yet another high-profile signing. Ellis will bring his creativity to the team as they aim to use his experience to build out their brand. He has photographed several well-known sports athletes including Jack Grealish, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Fans can expect his creativity to show up in EXCEL’s apparel lines and campaigns in the near future.

EXCEL esports is a gaming culture brand developed by Joel and Kieran Holmes-Darby. The team recently completed a €20M investment round and also opened its new headquarters in London.