Concord has a beta, a release date, and an entire universe on display during PlayStation’s May 2024 State of Play.

PlayStation's 2024 summer State of Play included plenty of first-looks. A brand-new shooter was announced during the showcase, known as Concord and developed by Firewalk Studios.

This was the very first detailed look at the 5v5 character-driven FPS. The State of Play gave us a trailer, a dive into some characters and the universe, along with details regarding a beta and Concord's full launch.

Let's take a look at what to expect.

What is Concord?

Concord is coming from Firewalk Studios, a division picked up by Sony in April 2023. The studio is comprised of many former Bungie and Activision employees who have previously worked on the Destiny series.

It is a 5v5 first-person shooter, set in the galaxy in which the game gets its name. You play as Freegunners, otherwise known as guns-for-hire, battling other players across a variety of games and modes just like you would in Overwatch, XDefiant, Marvel Rivals, and more.

At launch, there will be 16 Freegunners on the roster. Free post-launch updates have already been promised, however, adding more Freegunners, maps, modes, cinematic features, and plenty of other content.

How to join the Concord beta test

(Image via Firewalk Studios)
(Image via Firewalk Studios)

There are no specifics on the Concord beta test just yet. They have detailed how you can get early access to it when it launches, however. Don't expect to wait too long, because they've scheduled the game for a late summer release.

Pre-orders for the game go live on June 6, 2024. There's no word on if it is free-to-play, but the term "pre-order" indicates it isn't. If you happen to pre-order, you'll receive five codes for you and your friends to join the open beta in an early access period.

When does Concord release?

(Image via Firewalk Studios)
(Image via Firewalk Studios)

So, when does Concord release? With these details coming about halfway through the year, it is okay if you're surprised that the game is almost here.

Available on both PlayStation 5 and PC, Concord launches globally on August 23, 2024. Of course, you'll need a PlayStation Network account no matter if you play on console or the computer.

Stay tuned to for more esports news, and details regarding Concord when they become available.