Intel Core i7-11700s, RTX 3070s and a Nintendo Specialty Shop nearby, Students are going to love attending the Esports Highs school.

Esports is growing at a rapid pace and with it, its popularity and acceptance. Japan is going to open its first gaming-focused high school in April this year. Students can develop their gaming skills at the Esports Koutou Gakuin, which translates to Esports High School. 

Scholarships and esports tournaments at the collegiate level are not new to North America. But this is probably one of the first times that a Japanese school has not only embraced gaming but has esports in its name. No doubt, students will be eager to join the new school in the new academic year.

What is the Esports High School in Japan?

The classrooms will feature a large screen and tables of four players each. It looks nothing like traditional schools, but students would still love to attend these classes.

The Esports High school has a focus on helping students improve their gaming skills. It has a central location in the middle of the downtown Shibuya district. It is also very conveniently located next to a Nintendo store. 

The school is located at the Sibuya e Stadium with state-of-art facilities. The high school will have 40 gaming rigs with high-end specs that would make you filled with envy. The school is filled with high-end PCs for students to play and improve their skills on. 

Esports High School PC config:

  • GALLERIA XA7C-R37 Intel Core i7-11700.
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070.

The main hall will feature a giant screen as well as a flexible layout with headsets and peripherals. Each table houses up to four students, each with their own computer. 

There are over 40 PCs with i7-11700, RTX 3070 Graphic Cards and more.

The Esports High School is backed by NTT esports, the esports division of the Japanese telecommunications company NTT. It also has support from Tokyo Verdy, the Japanese professional soccer team.  and professional esports players. 

What’s included in the curriculum?

While attending an esports high school sounds fun, it is not a bed of roses. The curriculum includes extensive Game Training focused on popular esports titles across genres. 

Extracurricular activities include Free Game Training after school hours and on weekends. The school will also provide care training which includes mental care, physical care, eye care, diet and much more. Professionals will teach students how to become a professional gamer, streamer or even a Vtuber. 

The school’s name might be Esports High school, but it will also provide basic tutoring so that students can graduate from high school in 3 years.

Should students actually attend an Esports High School?

You should understand that attending high school in Japan is not a part of the compulsory education system. Trade school-like elements in Japan are not uncommon and that is exactly where the Esports High school positions itself. The official website does not promise the moon. On the other hand, it hopes to provide students with realistic expectations of the amount of hard work and dedication necessary to be successful in esports and streaming. 

The path of professional gamers is certainly narrow and steep.

A quote from the esports high school website

Classes at Esports High School start April 2022, with the Shibuya etadium orientation sessions available from January 23.

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